Alternatively Positive

I have been blessed with this influence in my life, in particular.
A group of six marvelous servants

-I served on the Positive Alternatives board for six months-
I have been astounded by the work of God right before my very eyes.

Tuesday night was my last meeting and some marvelous cookies were munched and business was gone over, ideas presented, and digression never avoided.
I smile every time I think about the power of Christ shining through them.
Chris said, “I think before we leave, we should all popcorn pray for Sarah”

Standing there, they prayed for me.
I almost felt like, “I shouldn’t be here, I feel like I’m eavesdropping”

But because words of affirmation are SO important to me,
I started crying gently as their sincere love for God was showered upon my spirit, comforting me and letting me know, once again, I was not more attached to them than they were to me.

That mutual appreciation and care meant so much to me.

Snipits of their love:
“I pray you comfort her and protect her heart in ways she didn’t know she needed”
“Let her know you are there, even in the fearful times”
“Thank you for Sarah, and her heart”
“Thank you for bringing Sarah to us”
“I know You will do great things with her there, as she’s already done great things here”
“Protect her purity as struggles will abound”
“Thank you for allowing Sarah to work for me, for now I know what I need to look for”

The praise and worship just kept going…
I was honored to be a part of their lives

Having that spiritual uplifting every month was a great alternative…
a positive one

God is good all the time,
All the time, God is good.


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