Anchors Aweigh

Beach time…
My schedule has been, work day, beach day, work day, beach day…
how amazingggg is that!?
{{and friends made it even BETTER! then ICE CREAM made it even AWESOMER}} 

It was great to just…BE

I didn’t HAVE to DO, or SAY, I love the beach for that reason. I can just breathe and BE.

Laying on my towel yesterday, hearing the rush of the wind through the trees and the waves crashing upon each other, God just talked.
Like, you know how you don’t have to pursue Him, cause He’s always pursuing you…this was one of those days when I felt that.

Just talking to Him is refreshing…cause there’s always so much on my mind, and Mi Amor couldn’t come to the beach with me to get it out verbally…
I  have found that, in the words of Mattie Montgomery
“We get so wrapped up in doing things FOR God,
we forget to do things WITH God.”

One of my favorite ways to connect with God is enjoying what He created.
That’s just another reason I love traveling-
exploring more and more of what He created me to see.

I’m gonna miss this connection while I’m in Grand Rapids…no bonfires, or millions of fireflies, or vast starry skies.
I’ll have to find some new escapes with Him.

Sometimes, I feel like me working on my heart is a big joke.
Its one of my priorities this summer, even though it should be all the time…but, like at points I can be SO in awe of Christ, and then…other times I get so distracted…and sometimes, its even in the same moment.

This is me; translucent as ever;
These are my anchors:



+desires of travel+



Tomorrow, I am getting a foot tattoo
Anchors Aweigh”
It is a sailor term, meaning that the anchor is being lifted from the sea’s floor.
I’m using it as a reminder for God to strip me of the anchors of my life; those holding me from sailing all the waters He has for me to explore.

Cool things is, even if I feel like a hypocrite and a joke at points,
God still just wants me. He wants my heart despite my anchors.
I really really really just wanna hug Christ sometimes…


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