Voyage de l’esprit

Rizo is back from France!!!

There’s always something so refreshing about hearing a great international journey.

After making brunch and talking over the past month of events with her, Rizo and I began teaching each other our languages.
Although, my Spanish is absolutely TERRIBLE and I’m basically worse than a two year old, I’m excited to try to bring back all the communication skills I had while in Panama {almost 2 years ago}

I love to hear Rizo speak french. There’s something utterly INTERESTING about it.

At the realization that we are both on the same page, where we both don’t have a lot of baggage, we are just ready to move forward, we were talking about service.
When we’re out in G.R. together, we both want to motivate each other to get involved in service with “the least of these”{the church, community, homeless, etc..}

I’ve had this thought in the back of my head so intensely recently; I want to get another reminder tattoo. I want it to be my own; unique; reflective of myself.
When I’m out in G.R. I know I’ll need reminders to keep my focus on serving Christ. It really means a lot to me to reflect on Jesus’ teaching of
{‘not coming to BE served, but TO serve’}

Mulling over ideas and getting a good solid one that I truly am passionate about is very important.
This is the one that I have now,
{paciencia; patience in Spanish-the first word I REALLY had to learn in Panama}
{αγαπη; Greek for unconditional love-reminding me that it is my choice to love, not based on anything they do, or can do}
{the vines; a spin on an African tribal symbol reflecting trusting God to provide the harvest}
{the compass; utilizing my love for travel and presenting God as the leader and director of my life}
{Treble Cleff (also the ‘south’); my love for music}

\\I love art//


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