Obladi Oblada

I had an accomplishing day at work today,
one of my nine-hour days,
then drove straight to the big track meet where I helped at the finish line with my daddy.
Just like old times! 

I was a runner, fully involved in every practice, meet, and race I was allowed to be at.

My glory days have been over for many years now…

but those memories are so vivid.
The butterflies in my stomach when the starter would raise his gun,
the pressure as the scores added up,
the shouts from the crowd,
and that constant pounding of my heart in my ears as my long stride carried me across the terrain.
I loved Cross Country.

Track however, I never got involved with, only ran with them and helped coach middle school boys.  

Amazing how my life has changed…

Today at work there was mention of how I have a life that works around my job, and some of my other co-workers have their job as their life…
it got me thinking…

Things that consume my life over the chart of my days..
When I was younger {like 5} my days were made up of soccer, school, church, music.
{10} soccer, school, church, music, running

{15} school, traveling, friends, church

{17/18/19} job, traveling, working on my heart, pinterest, Mi Amor, Family, friends, running/exercise, blogging,  Positive Alternatives, Compassion, College/age bible studies, church, MOVING. 

When I add it all up over a ‘time span’, its amazing how sprinkling a little bit of this, that, and then some, creates a giant sundae that takes up your day!

Some of my cross country/track boys are graduating {SO CRAZY!} and I got the priviledge to see some of my ‘old running pals’ again tonight.

One of my guys, I had to run up and hug before his race and he welcomed me with open arms. I told him to “run hard”. He finished with his best time as I prayed the Lord would give him wings.
I flashed him a smile after the finish line and he said “That was for you, Sarah!”
ahhhh I miss my guys!
It’s great to be remembered and adored by people you feel the same way about; people who take a special place in your life because of shared memories, adventures, and hobbies.

I’m gonna miss these familiar face reunion events…

Well, to quote the Beatles…
Obladi Oblada, life goes on…


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