Life Is Better With Two Shirts

Basically the coolest bag I could ever dream up.

Friday after work, this bag was packed up and took its first trip to Indiana where I made some more memories with my cousins.
Playing Aerobie and eating Ice cream with Annie
Dancing the tango and setting up for the open house with Rachel,
only to name a few. 

The title is a quote from a little girl that I used to babysit, she says the craziest and quirkiest things!
It totally works out though, I mean, being prepared for life’s messes is great. If something happens to your original plan, just flow with it and change to your backup; throw on another shirt.

I plan on using this bag for many trips…
Although I’d love to do helpexchange like Rizo {my soon-to-be-roomie} I can’t be as free in my traveling as I have been in the past.
Little jaunts will be my getaways and everyday will be my adventure.

I’m slowly finding out more and more joy in each daily circumstance, but I will always have a bag handy.

30 more days of work.
then I’m off to a week-long concert in Illinois.
hopefully counseling at a camp.
taking another trip to Indiana.
preparing for the Grand Adventure.

I’m gonna miss dropping by mi amor’s work and causing his smile.
It’s gonna be hard to say goodbye to one of my best friends, as she gets married and packs up for North Dakota.
I’m so looking forward to utilizing my abilities to serve another community.
It’ll be a great experience to embrace the ‘culture’ of Grand Rapids. 

Two more months…
Time flies and plans change…
good thing I have a bag and two shirts… 


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