You’re Waiting For You

Don’t settle for mediocre. 

I tend to lean towards this ‘attitude’ every day of my life.

I hate not trying, learning, or being part of something new. 

Eating weird things…traveling to places…welcoming adventures in any circumstance.

I have realized that my personality is addicted to going and doing.

I do love my chill time–my lay in the sun time {but I’m always dreaming of things}

Ever look up to the sky while the stars are sprinkled across the dark air?
Overcoming Beauty 

Ever close your eyes while sailing over the wavy waters?
Empowering Freedom

Ever walked the foreign streets?
Pure Delight

Ever eaten quirky cuisine?

Tried to capture a firefly? Walked miles down a beach? Been to Times Square on a friday night?
Perfected a recipe? Surfed in the ocean while it rains? Ridden in a sports car on a frozen lake in Alaska?
Cliff jumped? Laughed till you cried? Went to a STOMP concert? 
Tasted the veggies of your garden? Used your imagination after high school?
Ridden bareback? 
Cried because of the beauty set before you?

Start an adventure fund.

Go Forth.

Do more than exist.


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