50 days later

Fifty days from now I will have my last day of work.

Excitement, yes.
Sadness, as well.
Freedom, returns.

In the immersion of my ‘growing up’ process, I have realized how much I truly respect, admire, and love my parents. They do so much for me.

Appreciation overcomes my soul as I realize how much I love to be taken care of.

After riding 3/4 of a mile on two flat bike tires, then walking another 3/4 on foot, my bike handles were loose and sliding because of a bolt. I finally reached my destination and told my parents why I was late.
[[without telling anybody, my intention was to throw my bike in the back of my mom’s car and drive home with her…locking my bike in the shed until I felt the energy to fix it]]
My dad…ahhh my dad!
He aired up both my tires, tightened my handlebars and received a bigggg hug from me afterwards.
My mom, re-fluffed my laundry that I forgot about, and then folded it.

My dad added oil to my car, even though I told him I would that night…but of course I forgot..and he somehow knew I did!
Mom and Dad are always serving serving giving giving
completely aware of what others’ needs are.

Rizo and I got to make Crepes today before she left for her help-exchange France escape.
We got to talking about how we both have sets of parents who are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, amazing.  

Moving out will be unforgettable and will really give me some of the ‘college’ experience that I missed out on, having completed a concentrated course over a 5 month period.
Rizo and I talked about what I’m excited about and what I’m possibly going to miss/get scared about, moving out to the west side.
One of the cons is that my parents won’t be ‘taking care’ of me anymore. Even though they will be there at my every call, it won’t be the same.
Rizo said that after living off campus since last August, she comes back home and says, “It feels like a vacation, you treasure your time of being taken care of.”

I totally love my parents.
And in August, I am sure my love for them will only grow more, as well as my overwhelming appreciation for all they will and have already done for me. 


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