Insanity Opportunities

I’m having a hard time believing what has happened in the last week.
First, I find out that I’m spending a few days in Grand Rapids exploring the chance of me living there.
THEN: I’m offered a full-time pharmacy job in my town–after a five minute interview, I can’t breath, cause I blinked and had an on-the-spot hiring.
After talking to my current boss, I let him know of my possible move to Grand Rapids by September and then tell him about the other job…but still wanting to stay at my current job, the next day (yesterday) I went back to the new job and asked for part-time, after he complied, I figured I would try to work two jobs.
Well, to my surprise, Mi Amor’s grandpa {Mr. T} told me he gave my resume to a clinic in downtown GR, he heard back from them and they wanted an interview with me! So, last night, Mr. T told me he would see if he could set up an interview Monday, because my work schedule would work PERFECTLY for another trip out to GR. 
So, this morning, I went to work overwhelmed with the three job opportunities ahead of me…unsure of what I should do with them all…So, I told my head Pharmacist {Debbie} what was going on, and she (whom I trust and  respect deeply) told me I shouldn’t accept the job in my town, because she knew of some backstory behind it…and it wasn’t good.
 I went to talk to my boss {today} and let him know that he could disregard my double–job offer and I would solely work for him, unless this GR job interview went extremely well.
after I got back tonight, I received a message from Mr. T, saying he got me an interview…

I’m off to Grand Rapids after church on Sunday–once again! HOORAY!!!!! haha
What a whirlwind, right!? But, hey, you know what…I’m quite impressed with how much God’s helped me grow up in the last couple years…heck, even the last year!
I truly don’t think that I would have handled this situation the same as I would have a year ago…
God’s really worked in my life, big-time.
I really feel as though He’s moving mountains… 
and He’s definitely not stopping now




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