Sunshine & Nicknames

 “You may think that in life,
a lot of things happen to you along the way.
The truth is, in life,
YOU happen to a lot of things along the way.”

After a three-day trip to Grand Rapids, I sit here, wondering how many things have changed in my life within the last six months…
And now, the time has come for another big decision.

Sunday; church, drove 2 1/2 hours to meet up with Sarah and began our silliness together.
Met friends of hers, went to a wonderful student-led worship hour at Cornerstone University.
Got to know more about her life as we took a joyous walk
Monday; breakfast (Sarah’s treat–<3 her!)
Sat in her Creative Lit. class, randomly met up with a friend from high school (awesome sauce!)
Went to coffee and the Meyer Gardens with Mi Amor’s grandpa
Chilled with Sarah and her roomies.
FABBBUUULOUS coconut Ice Cream at Jersey Junction
Had a beautiful movie night, after a chat-it-up, officially ending at 3 a.m.
{special thanks to The Notebook}
 Tuesday; sundresses and flip flops–Sparrow’s coffee/chai latte
checked out the apartment that was seriously being looked into
more chattings with a roomie and lunch at The Soup Shop
Glorious God-stories and travelings
Leave for home:
2 1/2 hours later;
surprise Mi Amor after he worked, had THEE quickest “hello/goodbye”
Fueled up at $3.63 before I had to pay $4.00
Hugged an old friend
Went to a Positive Alternatives Board Meeting
{crisis pregnancy center}
came home, updated the dear parents 


whatttttttttt, three days have already gone by!?
choices, choices, choices.
First of all: got a new nickname (I hope it sticks…i like it)
Westie =]
‘Cause of two Sarah’s, one of us had to be called something else…and I’ve got no history with any body, so Westie was introduced and I like it.

I love my Sarah dearly;  God is seriously moving me to G.R. I can feel it.
And He’s using Sarah as His choice instrument :]
She is so special and dear to my heart,
I cannot wait to dive into this life.

Hard choices to make though, moving and all…
Prayers are definitely appreciated through this bizarre maze.

No matter what, I will effect people around me, I will happen to a lot of things. Me entering a different circle of life will change me, my surroundings, and people I’m with.
Uncertainty comes with a lack of confidence…I have such a passion for what God is going to do in the next six months, but am also very confused at what I need to be doing, to be His instrument.
I know God will let me know what I need to do, in His time…

…meanwhile, life back home goes on, and I continue to grow up….


{taken after the realization that it’s been YEARS since our last picture  together}


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