Blowing Dandelions

I have had a great couple of days off of work.

Starting Thursday, I went to the Detroit Institute of Art with Mi Amor and his grandparents.

After a full Thursday of traveling through time, my Friday was spent with some friends at Great Lakes Crossing, where we walked, laughed, and sought out great deals.

Saturday was a catch-up day with my soon-to-be-sister-in-law. Dancing on a bridge and going back through old photos had smiles on our faces. The day ended with a game night, lasting till 3a.m. with our college-age ministry group (Encounter). 
Sunday was a morning of acoustic guitars, violin, and upright bass anda great message on the faith of the centurion was spoken by the Pastor.  
Catching up with other friends after church was marvelous as well, talking guitars and travel and life. 
After an introduction to Pier1, I was gone in lala land. I absolutely LOVE that store, officially finding my connection to the perfect combination of home decor style/fashion/comfort and most importantly, SALES.

Eating chinese with my parents, Lizzie and her mom, swirled together with so much laughter I was able to see the rarity of my dad almost crying with hilarity. 

I came home to a perfect package from my cousin, equipped with memories lighting up my face, along with a postcard from Paris, written by my lovely and indescribably amazing friend who has been over in Europe since last Summer. 
And of course, I went running.

Mi Amor exposed me to even more Star Wars to lessen my hate towards it, while we ate frozen yogurt and popcorn. 

This morning ranted and dreamed and laughed with a beautifully passionate soul–my childhood bestie.
Talking to her is the perfect blend of character from the early double digits with the intelligence of the early second decade…at least I like to think so.  

And after all this…I might be moving to Grand Rapids. (about 99.9% assured)




Ever feel like your blowing the dandelion, making the wish, while its actually happening?

One thought on “Blowing Dandelions

  1. God has a way of letting us know what He’s been planning for us just at the right time, doesn’t He? And then it feels like we’ve made a marvelous realization because we’ve seen His perfect plan for our life unfolding before our very eyes. So excited for you, Sarah. Keep us updated, I adore reading what you have to share.


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