Journal Entry 1998

After buying amazing bookends at my local antique store, I rearranged my shelves.

Yesterday, I was painting with Mi Amor, while brainstorming ideas for a tattoo that is a heritage/lineage/travel/reminder. 
I have some ideas of what I ABSOLUTELY want in it, and some that would be neat to include. I just want a small wrist tattoo–it’ll probably hurt more than my first, but “pain is only temporary”.
So, part of it will be a sail boat and on the sail will have a pipe: representation of both of my grandpas.

I was thinking about it today, of course, and decided to open up my Grandpa’s hope chest that he made me.

I was rummaging through the various memories and found this (chosen excerpts):

 “Sarah’s Journal”
I had a good day. I think about my Grandpa Captain and I feel sad. He died on 2-22-96.
I read to daddy and I made him go to sleep. When I was riding my bike I was going to go by a truck when it was backing out of the drive way. I almost got hit but the truck stopped and the man let me go by.
I ate 2 delicious strawberries from my garden today. I made a potion of flowers, leaves, dirt and sticks.
I went to the library with Mom, Dave & Josh. I watched my library movie
I went to Wal-Mart to get some velcro shoes, but didn’t find any.
I cleaned up my room when there was a big mess.
I fell down today; I slipped on the rug in the entry. I hurt very bad.
I painted the back part of the shed with mommy and Dave.
I went for a bike ride and I stopped to watch a cement truck. The cement went down a slide
I found a tube that had coloring in it, I shouldn’t have touched it because the coloring is hard to get off. I was talking to Josh and I accidentally rubbed it on my forehead. It was bright pink.
I went to the plant farm with mom today, I picked out snap dragons.
I was crying today because I didn’t get to go on Josh’s swing.
I got in trouble by daddy, the big Giant, when I went out of our yard.
I collected feathers and clam shells at the beach.
I sorted some stuffed animals for the children in Mexico who don’t have any.
I played frisbee and frisbee golf with daddy.
I played soccer with Dave after I went to the park.
I want to skip writing in my journal today, because I can’t think of what I did.
I rode my bike through a mud puddle. I saw 2 hummingbirds sucking food out of the feeder. The nectar is sticky.
I went to the Detroit zoo last week. I saw a snake and it had a mouse in its mouth.

My my how time flies 


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