late madness

i am mad

i have fallen off my rocker

I really, truly, was planning on being asleep right now, but somehow got distracted by updating my BucketList over pinterest (my other addiction).
My my how I cannot wait for my latest trip!
Minnesota is calling my name, thanks to a plane ticket from my parents <[[i love them, but this makes me love them more]]>

I can’t wait to spend time with my family there, I’m going to bring my iPod to blog along with, when I have time.

I’m starting to look seriously into sailing pictures…I want to breathe in the air and feel the wind, get sprayed with the ocean and hear the passion of the waves.

I desperately want to meet my grandpa…he sailed, we called him Grandpa captain. Tonight, my mom told me a bit about an adventure in the Lakes she had with him, when my brother was 1 1/2. He took them sailing, along with my dad and his sister and her husband. They stayed on the boat for three nights, swashbuckling by day, anchor by night.

*sigh* how amazing.

Sounds like a great addition to my Bucketlist.



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