Equilibrium and Doogie Howser

This week, my dad introduced me to an old-school t.v. show. 

Doogie Howser, M.D.

Here’s a blog based off of his journal entries at the end of each show.

Again, I’m amazed by simplicity. 


I met a really fascinating person this week …My mother. Go figure.
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 I like finding beauty in simplicity;
Peace in confusion;
adventure in chaos…
Doogie Howser is 16 years old, and a doctor.
Throughout the episodes, he deals with being a kid and growing up. I still feel like I can say, “When I grow up, I want to…”
Seeing all the junk he  goes through, with equilibrium, reminds me of me.
Within the transition of being a working woman, I’m dumb-founded by how little time I think I have and how much time I truly have. Throughout life we hit different ‘time management struggles’.
When we’re little, it’s easy to think the day goes by too fast when we’re playing with our friends, as well as the day is too slow because we’re doing homework.
Hitting the teen years and getting our first real job mixes in with hormones and complications with true friendship. There’s just not enough time when it comes to hanging out.
Reaching college and career stages, studying takes over while still supporting your car insurance and somehow finding money to spend at the mall.
After the various stages, and the ones not described (marriage, mid-life crisis, retirement..etc.) time seems to slip away. “When am I ever going to find time to do that?” “Oh that’d be great to do, when I have time…”
I look back and see how much time I have had when I thought I didn’t have any.
I can imagine this will continue on throughout my life if I don’t truly think about it now.
I do have time. I have 30 minutes to read my Bible, 25 minutes to work out, 20 minutes to drive to spend 15 minutes with a friend, 10 minutes to blog, and 5 minutes to breathe. 
Our lives are so interesting…


This week Vinnie introduced me to three really brilliant healers, Moe, Larry, and Curly. They taught me that medicine may heal the body, but laughter heals the soul.
Just let it go. Get over whatever it is that is  making you bitter.
Laugh a little, there’s time for it everyday of your life.


The best success is usually the one you risk the most to achieve. But tonight I learned that sometimes just taking the risk is it’s own reward.

Sometimes, I feel like God will make happen, what He wants to happen and that sometimes, what I think is important, doesn’t have to been arranged by God.
God will use me in any city, store, or job.
I want to be in Grand Rapids, so if I can make it happen-then God can use me over there, unless He puts His foot down and keeps me here. 
God doesn’t have to decide what city I’m going to live in, I  can do that myself. I hear too often of mixing chance (flipping coins etc…) with understanding what God wants for our lives.
A sermon from a few Sundays ago was about this.
If God wants you somewhere specific, you’ll know. He isn’t going to keep you guessing. In the Bible, all of those people KNEW it was God. It was blatantly obvious.
I’m currently memorizing Romans 12 with mi amor;
Glorifying God with everything I do, and changing what I do to do that.
It hurts.
Fighting myself is good though.
If I’m fighting, that means that my Spirit is working against my flesh.
So many thoughts flow–like usual. Nothing is necessarily connected, just rolling around jumbled together.
So, Lord, I learn more and more about time-management, love, simplicity and change as my days continue…
Use my action to glorify You, no matter where I end up.

My Grandpa's Sail boat...a symbol of adventuring into the unknown


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