Little Escape

After a great day in the pharmacy, I came home and went for a bike ride with mi dulce Salvador.
It was sunset, so the lighting was kinda sad for pictures, but perfect for riding.
The air was brilliant.
And the colors of the trees, visually appetizing.
The sky was a comfort.
And the excercise, invigorating. 

Yeah…they turned out NOTHING like the reality of the adventure.

2 thoughts on “Little Escape

  1. Just reading this and seeing those pics makes me miss Michigan fall so much….wow. You know, you have this amazing ability to make every day special, an adventure, whether it’s bike rides or crafts or cooking…you find the beauty in daily life and its opportunities. I really admire you for it!


    • Awww 🙂
      This is so sweet of you to write!
      This is what I long to read!
      I don’t want to miss out on the simple things, I want to make people FEEL, to sincerely look deep…at simplicity.


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