Running a few miles on a rainy day is one of the best ways to release my stress.
Yesterday was a hard learning experience at work; I am being stripped of everything: pride, speech, my real self.
I have to be considerate, and in the process, I’m putting on a mask of happiness. When I do something wrong, even if I catch it, I will be corrected and unable to state my case.
I feel as though being a cashier is all a show for me;
I act happy
I act like everything is alright
And I pretend I’m busy when I have no customers…
Let’s just say, the reason I ran, was because work motivated me to.
I am most definitely looking forward to finally being in the Pharmacy!!! 

After my run, I went to worship practice.
My spirits were immediately uplifted by our prayer and music.
Worshipping God with really awesome people just boosts the atmosphere!

I think that the crew that makes up the worship band is so amazing that yesterday, I hardly wanted to leave.
I love them all so much; these brothers and sisters in Christ have a big place in my heart–
a BIG BIG place.

We went out to eat after practice and talked about “Crazy Love”
.pure refreshment.
.my opportunity to shine at work will be through my attitude and actions.
.this stressful time is no exception.

I was very respectful at work and then broke down when I got to my car,
but thank God for Christian radio stations,
distance runs in the rain,
worship bands,
and friends.


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