Deeper Seas

  • First day of work—check
  • Re-learned how to knit—check
  • Bought new chapstick (cause my insane collection is running out)—check
  • Get my brain running to make a leather-cord watch—check
  • Learned how to change the oil in my car—check
  • Make my car smell good—check 

Yeah, I feel accomplished !
I have done a lot in the last few days.
Today, especially, was a good day; I learned a lot of new stuff:

  • It’s incredible how much brain power it takes to be a cashier//bagger
  • Never underestimate the power of coupons
  • It’s always a humbling experience being a newbie
  • All the jazzical things that come with learning a new job 
  • I forgot how amazing paper bags are–almost vintage 🙂


It’s all pretty much a learning process for the next five days of work.
I’m glad that I’ll get tomorrow off, so that I can go to Encounter to worship my Lord with college-kids though.

I was hit with the realization of how different this job will be from H&R Block because…

1. I have many more co-workers
2. I have  more scheduled and punctual need
3. I may be more of a light for Christ at this job…

and to tell you the truth, I’m sorta nervous about that point…
I know that I naturally am proud of my Saviour, but I don’t want to proclaim it so that people are turned off and ignore me.
I think that if I just keep living with an attitude of love, then I’ll be a light in my own way–but when it comes down to it, when people find out that I am a disciple of Christ, I pray that they won’t shut down.

My trainer is a wonderful young woman, whom I will fully enjoy getting to know.
She might be one of the first people to know that I’m a disciple, but then again, maybe people will only see the difference and ask me, and not just ‘hear the gossip’.

Well, either/or, I’m going to be under a lot of mind escapes these next few months, with being trained as a cashier and pharmacy technician.
I think I did great today, but my trainer is so great at being constructive in her advice. It’s really a great opportunity that I have, to learn another skill and be in even more of a spot to be a witness for Christ.  

I’m being swallowed even more into the sea of life…growing up has its pros and cons… 


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