Hooked at the hip

I have discovered, now home from Summer travels, that my suitcase hardly left my room since May.
My little suitcase has been my faithful companion to:

  • Holland, Michigan for Tulip Time
  • Minnesota, for my cousin’s open house
  • Ohio, for bridal party getaway
  • Kentucky, for Ichthus
  • Ohio, for my friend’s open house
  • Panama, for missions and reuniting with mi familia de Español
  • Colorado, cousin’s wedding, along with visiting Minnesota and North Dakota
  • Various friend’s houses
  • Bayshore Camp, to be a counselor
  • Tennessee, with my travel family and bestie
  • Minnesota, visiting family

CHULETA; my goodness!!! 
This has definitely been a good summer to show how close my suitcases have been!
Although, I must admit, no matter where I went, when I would ask others about their travels, I would just want more travel adventures!
Half of the trip is WHO you’re with.
Italy; ohhhh Italy.
It’s on my mind consistently throughout the week and I found out that some of my family are going on a cruise in the Mediterranean soon! 

I, thanks to my childhood bestie, have a site to show you. It will hopefully inspire YOU to go travel.
My friend and I have been looking at Italy, but would be up for Spain, France, and well, let’s be brutally honest; ANYWHERE!
Wherever you’d like to go, there’s a good chance that you can go there, and stay for free…yup, that’s right, F-R-E-E.
Just exchange your stay for labor.
Click HERE to check this out for yourself. 

How cool would it be to just pay for a plane ticket and souvenirs!?

It’d be undoubtedly convenient to just stay over in (for instance) Europe for three months, while either switching between countries, or staying at your origin. You could work two weeks in Italy, Spain, France, Ireland, Scotland, AND Germany! This is DEFINITELY the way to travel, if you’re just desiring an experience in a country.

.I am doing this before I die.


2 thoughts on “Hooked at the hip

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m looking at the HelpX website and I totally want to do it too…how amazing would it be?? One more thing to add to the bucket list (which is officially ridiculously long).


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