The more I’m around older generations, the more I’m introduced to the wisdom of ante-days.
Being wise has it’s perks, as long as you are willing to share that knowledge.
My morning began with grandma’s pancakes and homemade bread. I then followed my grandpa out to his garage, where he smokes his pipes and does wood works and odd jobs. He and I sat down, and all the while between puffs of smoke would share our lives.
He told me of my dad, some of the similarities of my brother, jobs, and then THEE subject I struggled with the most…cancer.
He told of how his doctor cannot believe how my grandpa has no pain, with the amount if cancer that consumes him.
I fought tears and swallowed hard often.
It is a blessing to have him here on this earth still, a miracle really.
After an hour or less of chatting we headed to church.
My uncle’s mom is 98 years old and dying slowly…she wants to meet Jesus somethin’ fierce.
We watched this movie tonight called “The Straight Story”. It’s about a man named Alvin Straight who rides his lawnmower halfway across Iowa into Wisconsin to see his brother. They are in their 70’s. Alvin, along the way meets various persons to whom gives advice.
It’s honestly a big adventure, this life. No matter if your a believer or not, the earthly life is a great discovering trail.
I’ve just begun mine, and although I know many who carry it, I’m tapping into the hidden wisdom that situations sow and reap.
I love my grandpa so very much, I am so thankful for the opportunity to share moments with him.
Our lives come and go, just like breezes…


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