Chortles, chuckles, and changes

Well, after a long and claustrtphobic drive to Minneaplois, we all made it safely, although, in-between joking choking and laughing with tears.

A few bumps to my mom’s ankle proved pain and an incident involving the top of the truck and a frappé from McDonald’s proved lack of sleep.

Today, we get to see MY BIG BROTHER JOSH!!! 🙂
I get to steal hugs from my grandparents as well.
AND I get to practice spending time with my grandpa, especially. Last night I was hit again with the realization of how stupidly I spend my time while I’m in Minnesota.
It’s all good when I am there to see family, but I usually end up spending time with others than my grandpa…he’s got cancer BAD–throughout his spine. I dont know how long I’ll have with him on this earth.
I’ll see him again, in Paradise, but now is when I need to hear his wisdom and advice. My mom’s Dad died when I was three, so I’m deeply connected to them, but I have a hard time expressing it.

*sigh* time for me to stop moping, we are about to leave.

I WILL try harder to connect to my grandpa, just letting him know that I love him.


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