My last day was fabulous.
We left the cabin at 6:13a.m. to journey back home to Michigan. The ride was longer than we wanted it to be, more restless than it should have been, and more intriguing than I’d expected.
It’s awfully wonderful that my travel family lOves me so much they’ll keep taking me on trips 🙂
I am blessed beyond comprehension with them, I’m glad my parents give me freedom and opportunity to be exposed to a world far beyond complete reach. With just the little glimpse I’ve had of the world at only eighteen years old, I can’t imagine what I’ll see if I live to be ninety-two.
But, there’s something so comforting about this bed of mine, in my newly, crisp, fresh room; there’s something about hugging my own parents good night; there’s a safety and relaxation knowing I’m home.
I think in the end, all travelers get home-sick. Some more than others, but the point is still relevant.
*big sigh*
My week and a half of being home will be greatly induldged upon the moment my head hits this pillow…zzzzzzzz


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