Cliffs and frozen yogurt

Guest Blogger: Lizzie
Somethings changed, there’s a growing desire within me, it’s all I think about…it haunts me…in the middle of the night I dream of it, I smell it, taste it, feel it on my tongue tickling every sensation, others are disgusted by it…I want you Tutti Frutti

So go look up Tutti Frutti on Google, it really is true how Lizzie described it! I am amazed how it intoxicates your thoughts.
The day started out with a quaint breakfast at our cabin that allows an adorable escape from tourist town.
We went out to Cades Coves and The Sinks to do some cliff jumping. I jumped off a 35+ foot cliff, so invigorating and adrenaline pumping! Panama’s cliff jumping was amazing but this was even higher and I was hyped!!
We drove back to Pigeon Forge to eat an astoundingly fantastic dinner…then we headed to Tutti Frutti to indulge our souls!
The roads and rivers an trees and mountains consume you and it’s overwhelming beauty is wonderful.
The only time I can post is if we are in town and I have wi-fi, so I probably will post little spurts just like I have been.
The people here are so sweet, just like their delicious tea 🙂


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