Roomie & Roomie

I’m on here as often as an Italian man eats mushrooms and saves princesses.

My life has not slowed down.

I’ve been re-doing my room! I went through some intense cleaning; five hours of re-organizing, washing walls and taking out nails.
What was meant to be a nice day of sorting turned into a new room.

I realized how terrible my white walls looked; they weren’t even white anymore…it looked like someone shot them with a bb gun! All those nail holes had to be filled…so why not just paint?

Dark sage from Lowe’s was the color I used

In my opinion, I needed to reduce clutter, and somehow make my little room look bigger and more spacious.

After two coats of paint I had a new room.

I took many of my vintage and antique pieces and organized them on the beautiful shelves that my dad helped me put up (THANKS DAD! I LOVE YOU!)
These shelves were in my room before, hand-made by a friend, so no money was spent. WAHOO!

My main pieces were my trundle day bed, dresser, and hope-chest (which was handmade by my beloved grandpa).

My lonely window made the space look little, or maybe it was unbalanced and awkward…
Luckily, an $8 sale on a package of curtains was in my grasp! MUAHAHAHAHA

Raising the seven foot curtains to the ceiling allowed the bottoms to flow smoothly at the base boards, creating a bigger window effect.

My mirror was hung on the opposite wall as my window–allowing for light to dance around the room.

Soon, it will be totally complete, but for now, this is what it looks like:

From the doorway

Beside bed//in front of dresser

Corner by stool


Clean and crisp. The pictures don’t do it justice though (inside pictures are usually horrible anyways).
All this and I get to sleep in it two nights–today I’m off to one of my best friend’s houses, so we can leave in the morning for a week getaway to Tennessee and North Carolina! WAHOO!! She and I will be roomies and traveling buddies as we explore more of God’s creation together.

If I can, I’ll update you on my adventures; but we all know how much failure I can create with procrastination and distraction as close companions…


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