Panama Journal Entries

June 30~

On my way to Panama once again! Yay! Cameron is traveling with me and I am extremely excited for him to experience an inkling of what I lived through for three months.
My mom, dad, and Teresa are all being involved and teaching a marriage seminar in El Valle.
Cameron and I are watching the children so that the couples are able to deepen their love for one another without such distractions.
God will use us–I know it!

He is awesome, mighty, and graceful–who knows what whispering ways He’ll work in us… 

I am practicing my Spanish in my head and have been for the last week. I had two days where my rambling mind only allowed me four hours of sleep.

I have only spoken little bits, here and there, but this trip I am going to try to be more outgoing and not care how bad my Spanish is~yo necesito a practicando! 

Our flight goes from Detroit to Houston to Panama City. And we are currently about an hour and a half from Panama!
Gracias a Dios por su bondad! Safe flights are ALWAYS nice! 

Sleep seems to be out the door–none of us has really rested well, just enough to rest the eyes.. Good thing today we don’t have too much planned besides catching up with mi otra familia and putting together the marriage seminar books.

July 1~

Genesis 25 con mi amor; Cameron.

Went to visit the school today and saw so many familiar faces, each one of them lit up my heart as their smiles came after meeting my eyes. 

When Nair saw me, I almost cried because of how much she hugged me.
I was sort of scared that none of the kids would remember me, but the girls saw me at the playground and Cameron put it this way “She was mobbed and I was back, standing alone watching”.

Jesús {one of the second graders from last year that I connected with} was in my friend Florencia’s third grade class, so when she was outside her door-I asked her if I could see him.
She called him outside, “Jesús, please come here”
I was slightly around the corner digging in my back pack for a picture and frame that I put together for him for his birthday the next week.
His little body popped out the door and when his eyes met mine, I saw something I’ve never seen before–ever. Desperation for love and an unbelief of presence. I almost cried how tight he held me around my neck as I picked him up in an embrace unlike any of the other kid’s. 

I love that boy, I pray he realizes that. 

Nair introduced me as her sister to her class 🙂

It was different without Sanna…

I love Cameron, he is so quiet and trying to soak up everything. I think he’s comfortable, but frustrated with the fact that he can’t speak Spanish–I know; I was there…I still am sorta there.
I pray God uses us. There are only so many scheduled options for God though…He’s to marvelous to work in a way we expect! 

When José picked Cameron and I up from the Weet’s house, we were introduced to three new couples, I reunited with Glendon and Isa and then met Glendon’s wife!

Rita–who is a Spanish teacher to a high school helped me practice all the way to El Valle. She doesn’t know much English but she is good at helping others, like me communicate. Just like me, she understands more than she speaks (her for English, me for Spanish)
I told her I needed her in my life and that she was good for me. 

José told me that my Spanish was very good. I told him that I hadn’t practiced when I was home. He was astounded.
I think that it was just a lot easier {by God} because I gained self-confidence and decided to not care how terrible I truly do speak. 

It is so good to have friends and family here!!!
I have missed Panama mucho…

July 2~

I woke up this morning and after walking on the beautiful pathway, Rita came up tome and was excited so she started speaking rapid Spanish. I was trying to understand as much as I could, but keeping up was hard–so hard in fact that I misunderstood her; I thought she was asking me to talk to her daughter on facebook, but really she said that I DO talk to her daughter! Then she said the name of her daughter and it clicked that I had misinterpreted and actually KNEW her!!! I was so surprised and happy, I hugged her at least five times. Haha! 

The kids and us overseers went on a long walk for two hours while the sessions for marriage were happening. 

I have never seen Cameron so precious and endearing before. Lucas is a {8 month old(?)} baby who Cameron sweetly carried when my arm got tired, it was so adorable to see him care for him. He was so good with the kids.

I had a good supper with Michelle, Cameron, Kati, and a couple who are a pastor and wife from Chèpo. She doesn’t speak much English at all, but she knows some nouns.
He said he knew some English, but forgot a lot because he did not practice.
Michelle assisted in being the translator when I struggled understanding or spelling correctly.
It was SO good to do that again, like I did in the tribe, except I had Michelle as a translator this time! 

Cameron and I talked a bit before we each went to our rooms. We both are finding it hard to not treat this like a vacation We don’t feel as though we are needed as much as hoped for. Hopefully God brings the harvest to our eyes–a very encouraging thing, BUT even if He does not, I pray I trust Him better yet. 

Feeding Lucas and walking with the group; that's my man 🙂

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