O, how humidity destroys my thinking patterns…

Oh heavens how I despise feeling useless.
I’m so addicted to travel and adventure that when I finally have the chance to be home, I have to find something productive to do;
*figuring out how to wear that $2.77 shirt I bought from JCPenny {{it was cheap-I couldn’t resist!}}
*braiding cord together to make a bracelet
*cleaning my room
*finding myself on the computer more than I should be…
*alphabetizing books
*testing out that new nail polish
*going for four mile bike rides and running 

in other words–I get desperate to keep myself busy, it’s just how God made me.

I’m currently fighting the battle of job hunting, it helps me keep my mind away from attempting to duct-tape myself to the wall…haha, just kidding, why would I do that…but it might be interesting…Oh goodness, I’m not THAT desperate!
I’ve applied to so many pharmacies and hospitals I feel useless and worthless that I haven’t been called back yet :/
I know that no matter what though, I’ll eventually get a job, and me not having one currently opened up the opportunity for me to be a counselor at a camp!
God’s got His amazing ways of multi-tasking;
in the midst of teaching me patience and trust,
He’s allowing me to impact lives for Him! 

I suddenly don’t mind not having a job

 Somehow, in the midst of all my scatter-brained-ness I still feel at peace with my Lord.
Some people need to have sit-down-i’m-not-doing-anything time,
Some people  need on-the-go time,
Some people need the casual as-I’m-at-work time, with God.

We work differently, that’s why its important to figure out how to fit our schedule together with precision. Just like a puzzle piece, together they will open your eyes to the grand picture. 

…well, I’m off to figure out how to make something handy with buttons…

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