Adventure into Memories

I’ve missed one Christmas at the farm in my entire oxygen-breathing life.

My grandparent’s have given us {their children and children’s children} one of the best gifts anybody can receive, human-to-human…a love and faith foundation. They raised their children beautifully, even through sweat, tears, stress, and conflict. Every kid [all four] became a disciple of Christ and pursued bettering their own personal relationship with Him.

After each kid grew up, they all met their wonderful spouses–adding to the Christ-like atmosphere. God blessed the four children with kids of their own. My grandparents, being very close to their kids, began the tradition of annual family reunions. Around the 4th of July, for as long as I can remember, our family has united. The distance never kept our families from gathering. The farm was a place of fellowship and because of my grandparents, we had the best atmosphere–one filled with laughter, memories, joy, peace, faith, love, and hope.

Life is filled with change–it’s a fact.
I love change, except when it comes to family.

The farm’s barn was taken down and life got a little harder on my grandparents. Just like a cousin eating one of grandma’s marvelous pancakes, the farm was sold fast. My grandparents moved and moved on.
I wrote a post on this last Christmas–click HERE to read.

After my cousin’s wedding this past week, my two cousins, parents, friend and I took a trip to Minnesota and were able to see the farm…

We were headed down the last road before the driveway, I could feel my cousin Annie’s mixed emotions, knowing she felt just as attached to the farm as I did.
I wonder how different it will be…I bet it will make at least one of us cry…” I began thinking as we turned down the driveway. The mail box looked familiar as ever.

“You want to turn back now?” asks my dad.
“Ha. Ha.” was the reply.

We rounded the corner and out popped the house in sight.

“What did they do?!”
They painted the house and garage!

 While various exclaims were exchanged, I noticed something, the drive way was expanded to be a circle drive around the light pole. It was a good idea.

Everyone stepped out of the van and began taking pictures–mentally and physically.

It surely looked terrible, the color of the house was a sad sight. Changes were made that caused the land to look dry and bland; harsh and ugly.

We met the owner’s fiancé, what a sweetheart; she was so open to having us there, thank God!

As we rounded the far corner of the house, Annie was swinging on the beloved, magical swing I helped grandpa put up years ago. 🙂
It was the highlight of our adventure into memories.

Entering the house, I immediately exclaimed,
Oh! It’s beautiful!”

The kitchen, dining room, living room…spot after spot was gorgeous. This couple utilized the space accordingly. I was overly surprised and my expectations were exceeded. I praised her for her decorating ability and she said something that caused a jump of hurt, “We’ve had fun fixing it” …those last two words…

I thought, “How could you ‘fix it’, it was perfect before!”

We left the house and walked outside, thanking her for allowing us to come and visit.

Annie said, “It’s like the farm is alive, after its family left it got depressed.”
We stared at the sad grass and flower beds…

I left being reminded that I feel that love and comfort when I hug my grandparents, not when I’m at the farm. IT’s the people–my family who made the farm ‘laughter and good times’–not the building.
The farm will always have a special place in my heart, but my family is far more important than any building or gorgeous piece of land.
My family, thanks to my grandparents faith and ultimately Jesus, will live on forever.


One thought on “Adventure into Memories

  1. I love it! You described it wonderfully!
    I wonder what they’re going to do about the pathetic water tank that made us get a potter potty every year…….


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