Bon voyage!

My posts will be short and sweet as I will be using my iPod for the updates.
My mom is calm–check
My dad is rested and prepared–check
Teresa is at our house–check
My missionary journal is packed–double-check
Mi amor is by my side–currently processing..

After leaving home we will pick up mi amor and then drive to the shuttle, which will take us to DTW, where we will encounter the usual silliness; metal detectors and goofy people who back up the line with trying to get their over-sized carry on into the overhead compartments…agh I love traveling hahahahaha 🙂

Looking into my passport I realized that I never came back into the United States; my passport didn’t get stamped coming back into Atlanta, Georgia…meh :/ I guess it is sorta lame that my parents have more stamps than I do in their passports. Oh such is life…que sera sera.

We are all pretty awake for the trip, watching some Mister Bean, all of us crying and laughing extremely hard at his goofiness…I love it when my dad laughs 🙂

…until my update from the airport, luego!


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