¿?¿who knows¿?¿

I cannot believe that it is already the end of June…
In one month I have gone to Minnesota, Ohio, Kentucky, Ohio again, and now I’m going to Panama for missions.
I’m leaving Thursday around 1a.m.
{{prayers are ALWAYS appreciated}}

After a week in Panama, trying to be open to anything and everything that God calls of me, I’m off to Colorado and Minnesota.
…I definitely have the travel bug. 🙂

Sonria means Smile

It was the way I entered Panama last year…almost eleven months ago…

My dad worked extremely hard to set up his duties for Panama–he’s teaching a marriage seminar. My mother is assisting as well as a friend from church.
Mi amor and I, in the beginning were very unaware of what we were to do.

After much time-spaced e-mailings with Randy (head pastor) and Paco (youth pastor) a decision was made for us.
In order for some of the couples to be able to attend the marriage seminar, they would need a babysitter, which they were unable to find at home…therefore, mi amor and I were needed.

This {{I’m gonna call it..}} re-trip has reminded me that ministry comes in many diverse forms.
Even though we will be working within an air-conditioned hotel in Panama, we are obeying God’s lead.
Who am I to judge what is ‘right’…I’m so imperfect! I am not God–WHOOHOO! {{cause that’d be far worse than a disaster}}

God may use us to reach one person, and maybe we won’t even know it–but that one person Jesus died for.
God may cause one specific couple’s marriage to affect tons of lives, and the only reason they would have been able to come is because there was childcare available.

¿?¿who knows¿?¿

Mi amor helped me focus again on understanding that God can use anything and I’m glad he feels that way, it is undoubtedly encouraging to have the comfort in knowing he is trusting God, even if expectations aren’t met.

God is in control.

Lord, keep me smiling

~Wear a smile–one size fits all~


2 thoughts on “¿?¿who knows¿?¿

  1. You are amazing Sarah! I can’t wait to hear about how God uses this trip in your life! Keep us posted, I’ll be praying! ❤


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