New Feet

I love traveling…OH SO MUCH!!!
I am off to Kentucky for Icthus!

I haven’t been so fabulous on updating my blog often. :/ oopsies!

My summer started after the completion of my National Certification for Pharmacy Technicians that I took on may 23. Two days later, I was off to Minnesota for six days. I had a wonderful time, sharing life with my mom and close friend while driving all night straight through to Minneapolis. I saw my great friend that I’ve known for years but due to the distance haven’t hung out with as much as I would have liked in my eighteen years. She came along with my mom, aunt, and friend to the Mall of America…where we were surprised by my brother!!! He had moved to North Dakota for job opportunities back in February. My friend was over-joyed, since she is dating him–and has been for three and a half years.
After some Minneapolis time we drove to Rochester for my cousin’s bridal shower and the following day was my other cousin’s open house.
My Minnesota adventure was filled with delicious Caribou Coffee {{the BEST, in my opinion}} fabulous family and wonderful adventures.
The morning after arriving back to Michigan, my friends and I went gallivanting on down to Ohio, staying overnight at the Kalahari resort. It was a bountiful gift by the maid of honor’s father. The five of us, all part of the bridal party {{four bride’s maids and the bride}} had some quality bonding and silly times.

After spending time with friends and finishing up part of my summer book list, I’m off again.
Kentucky is a state I have spent enough time in to simply drive through, while stopping at a gas station; this trip will expose me to more of Kentucky’s beauty.


Every time I travel, I feel as though I have new feet, even if I had been to that place before.
I seem to forget all roughness and yucky stuff I’ve been exposed to, even if for a moment, when I go off on adventures.
My feet are new and clean and crisp–this is probably why so many relocate to new places–to forget their pasts; the hurt haunts them.

I don’t travel to forget my mistakes or hurt,
I travel because I love it; God gave me a love for travel.

My new feet help me realize the beauty that is around me and/or the hurt that haunts others. My soul longs to help people–and all of a sudden my selfishness is gone.

My feet may be rough and rugged and torn,
bruised and battered and worn,
but I have a Home.

Their feet may be rough and rugged and torn,
bruised and battered and worn,
but the Home is unknown.

In the midst of thorns,
they wail and mourn,
with Hope unknown.

If I was wise,
the Heavens I would shine,
bright like the stars in the sky.

I live to try to,
Shine the Hope,
this is how they know He was born.


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