Judge Much?

Loving people for no reason at all is called Agape love. It’s the Greek word meaning ‘unconditional love’.

This is my challenge for the rest of my life.

God calls me to do this, just as He loves me despite my sinful nature.

That’s an incredible thought…

When Christ lived here, as a literal human, he hung out with everybody.
Prostitutes, tax Collectors, adulteress’, etc…

Jesus found people where they were.
No one is going to trust in Something that they don’t find to be kind, and personable, and real.
He asked the Samaritan woman for a drink of water rather than tell her the sin in her life and that she needed a relationship with God…
He went to dinner with Zacchaeus…
With the adulteress woman, Jesus reminded the others of Moses’ Law by saying “All right, stone her,” He told them, “but let those who have never sinned throw the first stones!” (John 8:7).

I have often found myself hating the sin before I love the person–I’m so wrong.
Loving the person and showing them that they matter to me and to the Creator of the universe should be first.

Unbelievers often have a sad example of Christ, because we as “Christians” (literal: Christ followers) fail so miserably at proclaiming God’s love and shining Him.
Like Aaron Gillespie says:
“…the way that a lot of non-christians look at our big buildings with our flat screen tv’s and our millions of dollars worth of carpet and garbage and say ‘I wanna go there, that’s so awesome!’ no, they are going to go, ‘I’m not allowed there; I’m not wanted there’  I think as a real-time Christian our goal is to open our arms as big as they can and say ‘Look, I got faults, I got issues, but Jesus loves you and your life matters. And if I can be of any help to you; if we can pray together-great! if you need an ear, a shoulder, somebody to listen, whatever you need, I’m here.’

Material things are crap. So, your church has four projector screens, five-hundred decorated rooms and plants inside…what is that? What. Is. That? Who really gives a raisin if your church has worldly attractions, is your church focused on Christ? Are YOU focused on Christ?
Is there discipleship and leading the lost to be found, is there growth and love?

I’m slowly learning what it’s truly like to grab a glass of Jesus and drink, letting Him overflow and absorb into my system–effecting me in ways I would have never known possible.

I fail miserably often, I know what I should do, I know what I desperately want to do, but I am weak and I am human and my God is great and this is why He shines in my life…when I am weak, He is strong.

So, here’s to the pursuit of a life of love…are you up for the challenge?


2 thoughts on “Judge Much?

  1. Hey Sarah, I enjoy reading your posts! I also love learning about how to become a better Christ follower through your blog and the scripture that you talk about. I hope you are doing well ~Anna


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