Soldiers Everywhere

Great Redeemer
We humbly respond
To the call of Your love
Gracious Father
Like a child we run
With our arms lifted up
So let the praises rise

You’re the God of second chances
You’re the God who still romances
We’re in awe before You now
And our hearts are bowing down
You’re the God of all the ages
Who are we that You would save us
We’re in awe before You now
And our hearts are crying out

Hallelujah to our God
Hallelujah to our God

Righteous Savior
By Your wounds we are healed
Your compassion draws us here
How amazing
Is the mercy of the Cross
That You would reach out for us
So let the praises rise

You rescue with unfailing love
Hallelujah to our God

This is Chris Whittaker’s song, and although the lyrics are powerful and fantastic…the best story that goes along with it is in this movie: 

It is hard to understand what the Jamaican says at the end, so here it is:
“Keep trying to make the man.”
He looked me square in the eye, cocked head on the side with a confused look on his face and said,
“Trying to? No man. I do not try to make it, I am. Jah puts its soldiers everywhere. Jah said, Yes if you walk through the valley of the shadow of death..So he places some of us in this valley.”…WHAT A TESTIMONY!!!!!! 

If you’re going through low times, God is still the Creator, He’s still Jah (Jehovah).
Glorify God with your life, no matter what your circumstances.
There is hope even in the Shadow of the Valley of Death.
He forgives your past sins, no matter the depth or how much we believe we deserve death because of our sins, God gives us the mystery to eternal life; Jesus Christ. Believing that He came down to earth and left His Heaven, leaving behind equality with God, dying for our sins, rising again on the third day…this will save you. Jesus Christ saves.
He is life.
One Creator
One Father.
One Jah. 



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