…after taxes…

If you like your job, the odds are that you work with great people.
I believe that half your job is your coworkers…after all, you have to see them every day you work…sorta like marriage…but anywho…

I worked at H&R Block this tax season, (you have until MONDAY to file!) and today was my last day, because I have school on Mondays. 

I just have to write about the wonderful people who entered my life because of this job.
I was offered this job by a most amazing Jesus-lover, who owns the H&R Block down the hall from where I worked last year (for a urologist). We’ll call him Block. He is a hilarious guy who loves to laugh and play golf. In the process of my first week there, between the many mistakes I made, Block stayed patient and kept things light and funny–which helped take the pressure off of me. I still made mistakes up until my last day today, but he never made me feel really guilty about any of it. It was like he figured that everybody makes mistakes, and of course it would happen to me; I was a rookie. I had a few interesting conversations with him on light theology. Block really has a great heart and is selfless with his money.

On the first day of my job he told me that if I have a problem with anybody, I should go straight to him and we’d figure things out; holding bitter feelings in only makes the wine stronger.
(some of you are thinking “well, that’s not necessarily a bad thing!”…but I’m not talking literal wine here, sillies)
Block runs his business with great focus. He works so much for so little, he deserves a kingdom-and one day he’ll get it, thanks to Jesus. 

(code name) Truckie: My first friend at work taught me everything there was to know about running the back room, phones, files, dealing with people, and anything else there was.  Truckie has such a kind, understanding, patient soul that I couldn’t help but love her right away. She definitely impacted me and I loved to talk to her, she had many funny and serious stories to tell. 

I got closer to two other tax professionals; Punk and Gorgeous.
Punk was quite the jokester, he was always being silly and givin’ everybody crap. It always made it fun to work with him. He once called me pumpkin accidentally, but it ended up sticking as my nickname for the next few weeks. He is a kind-hearted man who has a gazillion adventures and tidbits of information…I’ve never learned more from one person about the government, history, and how two month old yogurt doesn’t hurt him.
I pray that one day he becomes my brother, he has so much potential to glorify our Creator and I can’t stand the thought of…well, ya know…not seeing him after death. 

Gorgeous, she’ll tell ya like it is. You know when she likes you or can’t stand ya. She’s sorta like a hickory nut. Once ya get past the hard shell, you can’t help but enjoy her. She indeed does have a kind soul and loves to tease. She makes a lot of homemade foods and hardly ever follows recipes.
Her laugh makes me smile. 

I worked with many others whom were a pleasure to work with as well. 🙂

I honestly, couldn’t ever thank or show them all the love that I have for them. I respect them all, but I still feel like we’ve been friends forever. They have all affected me in some way and I won’t forget any of them.

Before I go to school on Monday, I’m dropping off some cookies that I plan on making tomorrow after church with mi amor. 

…ahh *sigh* I just can’t help but smile at all the silly moments I’ve had. 

I wish there was someway that I could let Block know all that he’s done for me…but I don’t think that it is possible. 

Anywho, cheers to H&R Block for the great opportunity and experience that was created by the workers in my hometown. 

🙂 God is marvelous and never ceases to amaze me with what He uses to mold my life.  

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