Reindeer & Opportunities {part 2}

…so yes..Mark…
He was a joker, but serious at times, and laughed at me a lot.
I got to work alongside him for hours and learned about him, because I, of course, asked him a lot of questions.
He has traveled to all the states except Hawaii, but he has no desire to go there, the only reason would be to complete the United States ‘Tour’.
He’s writing a book now, {he’s already written a few} it’s about taking opportunities.
I listened intently between hamburgers and customers to my newest friend, as he told me about the opportunities that he missed in life.
He told me, “Sarah, if you get the chance to travel, do it–especially while you’re young, don’t look back–just go”
hmm…is God trying to tell me something; a lot of people told me that last spring//summer too…
So far, I don’t think I’ve turned down a travel opportunity.
Mark was saying that he and his late wife had set up plans for touring some areas of Europe, going on cruises, and seeing tidbits of the world.
“Something always came up” he said, “We were never able to make it, even after we had pre-made plans; everything was set but to pay and then something interfered”

People just sharing their experiences with others is extremely important. Scott enlightened me with his words of wisdom, one of which was “…if you’re going through something tough, maybe somebody around you is going through the same thing–sharing and helping each other is important, especially as Christians…we can learn from each other”

Although it sometimes is hard to confess hardships and struggling through them, it can be extremely important.

I was glad that Mark shared his advice with me, it reminded me of how blessed I am to be young and already traveled so much.
I’ve always been an adventurous ‘outdoorsy’ person.
I’ve seen land from Panama to Alaska; Massachusetts to Oregon.
I have tasted foods as exquisite as caviar and as odd as reindeer and alligator
–of course, these are only peculiar to me and those of whom are not used to it.
That day I saw the most peculiar Iditarod musher…he was from Jamaica…


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