Many Apologies!

I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted anything on Alaska yet…I was meaning to yesterday, but some things came up and I worked today, so I had to make sure to get enough sleep–and the same thing goes for today…:(
I will post on the Alaska missions trip A.S.A.P…but for right now…it looks like it will not be as soon as hoped.

Life will slow down shortly though, tax season is almost over and that means I won’t be working [[oddly I’m rejoicing]]
I love my job, but I’m ready for some freedom again…oh, how I love this upcoming time of the year!!

In our society today, large numbers of…people never fulfill their potentialities. Their environment may not stimulate such fulfillment, or it may actually stunt growth….Our strength, creativity, and growth as a society depend upon our capacity to develop the talents and potentialities of our people.
~John Gardner~

I pray that God’s Alaska stories will help develop your faith!


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