And you…?

I’m leaving for Alaska in three days!!!

My parents and I have gotten mittens, gloves, wool socks, under-armor, and a warm coat to go along with my array of hats and scarves that I already own. I have had a blast musing over Alaska, since I got back from Panama.
Now that it’s a few days away, I’m so psyched and so pumped to be on the go again.

God is so good; He is so great

What a change this will be from Panama!

I can’t wait to journal while I’m up there, to relay all that I will be going through.

I’ve been keeping up with the Breath of Life Devotional that one of my Alaska leaders sent out, and it’s a really great refresher.
God uses it to touch my life. I am just so hyped, that this post is just staccato and crazy random! haha!

So, where would you want to go, if you were able to go anywhere on a missions trip?


5 thoughts on “And you…?

  1. Sarah,
    Where in Alaska will you be? My parents/group from their church have been on many mission trips to Seldovia, Alaska. My Dad is heading there in August again. Praying for your trip! God has you on His mission for a reason!
    Mrs. T


  2. HEY! 😀 I didn’t know you were going to alaska!! 😀 That is so awesome!! If you can take lots of pictures! I’ve never been to alaska and i’ve always wondered what it looks like!! Praying you have a safe trip and time there! ❤



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