Within each of us is the genetics of our family before us. I have the same face structure as my mom, her energy, craftiness, creativity, and outgoing, friendly character. I have the height of my dad, his love for running, puzzles and scrabble, his goofy character and silly faces. I believe I get my love for the water from my grandpa Captain, my mom’s dad. He passed away when I was three years old. His name is really Donald, but we always called him grandpa Captain because he had a boat named the Donalee, which he owned with two others. It is his birthday tomorrow, he would have been seventy-nine.

It hurts to know that I hardly know anything about him. I ask questions to almost every person I know, to get to know them better…he is one that I want to get to know the most, and can’t.

I wonder what he would have said about my Panama trip.
I wonder what he would have thought about me having a boyfriend.
I wonder what advice he would have for me, for my future.

I imagine I would have been really close to him, because my mom said that I loved to always be with him when I was little.

I am sure he was a very special man, whom loved Christ with all his heart. One day I’ll meet him, in Heaven.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Captain. I love you very much.

3 thoughts on “Captain

  1. I kinda know that feeling…wondering what a deceased grandparent would think oabout what you are doing and also being able to know them more….
    My mom’s mom died last November and she was the closest grandma, and we all saw at least 3 times a year and then she was gone. I’ve often wondered what she’ think about the play was in {It’s a Wonderful Life} among other things.
    My dad’s dad died in a car accident when I was like 5 or 6 and I was young and didn’t really know him but know i really wish he was still around to get to know more…
    I really like your posts, Sarah and I want to thank you for the sweet words after the preformance last Sat. 🙂


  2. Very sweet post, Sarah! Thanks for the glimpse into your family! I can’t imagine not knowing my grandparents! Wish you could have got to know him in person!



  3. Sarah,

    I totally understand what you mean. My great grandmother died when I was only six or seven. I barely remember her, but she is someone I am eager to meet again in heaven. She was a woman intensely solid in her faith, and played a huge part in bringing my father to Christ, and through him, me. I love to look through her Bible with hand written notes from sermons in the margins. I can’t wait to get to heaven to thank her for her faithfulness, and to make up for the years we’ve missed. Isn’t it awesome even while we miss them, that we can look forward to talking to them in heaven? I’m sure your grandfather is overflowing with pride at the godly woman you have become, Sarah! Thanks for all your posts!


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