The Last Embraces

Waiting in an airport was never so thought provoking.

I said goodbye to my Panamanian family this morning and haven’t stopped thinking about Panama since.

Because on Sunday morning I woke up at 7:30 and couldn’t fall back asleep I have been up since that morning.
Sunday night (last night) I didn’t sleep; I pulled an all nighter.
And that’s why the Panamanian sitting next to me in the airplane going to Atlanta stated, “Mucho dormir, you like sleep”

I told him I baked cookies and hung out with friends (I didn’t know how to say I packed my suitcase in Spanish, so I couldn’t add that to the list).
He found it odd.

He told his wife and two others that were traveling along with him.
They asked me why I was in Panama, I said “Missionary”
They were very interested and not repelled at all-I was thankful.
I had fun having a Spanglish conversation with them, they complimented me on my three months of Spanish and how for that amount of time I knew a lot.

Ever since I first arrived in this airport I haven’t stopped thinking about all the little things that I grew to love in Panama.

As well, I can’t begin to capture the reality that three months has gone by. It seems to me as though my year isn’t twelve months, but fifteen. These three months are added to my normal year rather than a part of it. I have never suffered from so much confusion because of time, as I have this year. Experiencing three months in a country who’s climate is similar to spring//summer combined ,makes it seem like my summer was just extended and now it’s time for the gradual welcome to fall…but no.
I began walking the airport to my concourse and was struck with my observation that I was the only one wearing flip-flops. Everybody else had tennis-shoes or boots on…people in long sleeves and in winter coats…scarves!!! I haven’t seen a scarf worn with a jacket in a long time. MY WORD IT’S NOVEMBER!!!

I love November, but goodness, it seems like it’s come to early.

I am extremely tired, as I’m sure you can tell by my ‘bouncing-off-the-wall’ blog post.

I sigh in awe that my three months have ended, but I’m excited for home and how God can use me again.
My heart has changed in my love for Christ and I don’t want to lose that feeling.


Second grade and me, my last day of school



I am blessed with the friends and family I have gained throughout my trip.
I have the best Spanglish speaking friends in the whole world.
I have had the best times with Sanna, Nair, Oscar, Josh, and Joel hanging out and being awesome. I have bonded with them deeply and it was tuff to hug them one last time…
Randy, Donna, Jordan, Michelle, Jesse, and Sanna all came to the airport with me at 4:30a.m. I am blessed by them and will never be able to fully express how much they have impacted my life.
No words are good enough.
I appreciate them and all they have done for me, I am forever grateful and connected to them through Christ.

With each goodbye embrace, a piece of my heart was given.

Many, many, many thanks to all those who prayed for me…you have changed my life as well.


3 thoughts on “The Last Embraces

  1. What a light you were to our family these past three months. As we drove away from the airport it was so quiet. Randy said, “She’s only been gone five minutes and look at the difference it has already made!” And that is just a small difference. It has been such a thrill to see Panama again after 22 years — as if it were new again — all thru your eyes. And since you are so expressive, it made it easy. We will definitely miss you, things will be so different around here now. We pray that the Lord will continue to lead you in His way, and that you will be sensitive to hear His leading. We love you Sarita. Donna and the rest of the gang! — Oh, thanks for the cookies. What a wonderful breakfast!!


  2. My dear sweet girl, I almost cried reading your blog post.. I know those emotions and feelings well. How hard and frustrating they can be. Call me if you need someone to talk to 🙂 Love you girlie!


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