La Escuela

The teacher that I was substituting for came back today, which means no more 7th, 8th, and 9th grade for me. I enjoyed being their teacher, although at first, I’ll admit, I was not looking forward to it. After I entered the eighth grade classroom to teach spelling, I was at peace; suddenly sure of my teaching ability-but slightly nervous for literature and grammar//composition. I had heard things about eighth and ninth grade being horribly obnoxious and un-respectful, but I saw the opposite. I made a game up for the spelling and they all did really well, but a few times I had to call on some of the kids to spell a word if they weren’t participating. Each day was a new adventure as the kids instantly warmed up to me.
I was told that the grades treated me different than any other teacher and nobody knew why.  The kids respected me and were calm and I never shouted at them (because that’s just not my way of discipline). Each time a kid was acting up (which was only twice in all the days combined) I would go up to him and talk face to face with him.
When I told one of my close friends (also a student) when we were hanging out, about this procedure she really appreciated the fact that I respect them, as students, because in return they respect me.

A few of the kids I feel sad for, whether it was because they were slow in school or they had no friends, possibly because I could see if they didn’t turn their life around it would be extremely hard for them. Each of those three things were in each of the three classes. Different students, but same situations.
I can relate to the feeling of “Aw seriously!? When are we gonna get done…I hate school” and then be sloppy with the work. I was totally like that. For some reason, I can appreciate school more now-NOT THAT I LIKE IT-but that I respect those who taught me and I realize how important it was//is to be educated.
SO those kids that were slower or just didn’t want to pay attention, I would give them consequences but also encourage them. And one boy, especially, improved after my encouragement–his love language must be words of affirmation.

Even though I’ve only been out of school for six months, I feel as though I’ve aged four years, because of my circumstance. I mean, I’m TEACHING for crying out loud! This is psycho!

Now that the teacher is back I am only doing K4 phonics twice a day. I sit in K5 and read a theological book that I received for a graduation present from my friend’s dad, when I don’t have obligations. Sanna and Sulim teach the K5-ers and I don’t feel as though I need to assist them, they are excellent at their jobs. For the last eleven days of my stay I am working on being prepared to leave, making sure everything will be sealed up and put away nicely; I don’t want to leave with regrets.

I am helping Delia with decorations for the science fair this coming week; I cut at least six dozen bubbles and made a lot of origami fish today.

I am also helping Sanna with the drama the kindergarten class is putting on and that has been really interesting. After Sanna wrote the drama and we helped each other come up with a song, we tried to teach the kids. We have them in three rows for the song, and each row is doing a different beat-boxing sound. It’s SUPER cute-considering their ages! Three of the kids are coming up and saying a little line and then we continue with the song. It’s really fun, and hard to explain. haha!

The costumes are coming along, but honestly, there just wasn’t enough pre-warned time for this event. We found out about it the beginning of the second week of October…which gives us three weeks to accomplish this feat.

I have surely enjoyed being a part of Panama Christian Academy, it’s changed my life.


One thought on “La Escuela

  1. Sarah,
    I love your story about how the kids react differently to you in class! Before we moved to MI, 16 yrs ago, I taught a 4th gr. class at an inner city school in Orlando, FL. I took over for a teacher mid-year. I was thankful to get a job out of college…but was quickly forewarned…there was a student who had cursed the previous teacher out every single day she was there. Let’s just say, she took the next job she was offered! Well, my first day I was calling attendance, got to this boys name – he had a snarl on his face – I kept going with my heart racing, let’s just say, not once did this young man get mad with me – ever! He may have hidden under my desk a couple of times, but he always knew I’d go back and talk with him. God was/is good! Kids know something is different about us when we’re shing His light!
    Again, praying for you to have rich last days there!
    Mrs. T


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