Rainbow Sprinkles

Yesterday I had a wonderfully long conversation with one of my closest friends; Chelsea Ann. In our conversation pickles came up and I mentioned how I hadn’t had a pickle in so long I couldn’t remember the last time. I woke up this morning and after coming down stairs, I poured cereal into a bowl and opened the fridge for milk, and to my surprise there was a jar in the milk’s spot. I turned it to see the label and it was Vlasic pickles. I laughed and thanked God for the simple gift.
I, of course, ate one and while doing so, wondered why God decides to give us the desires of our hearts (although I don’t know if that pickle was a ‘desire’ but I sure wanted it). For whatever reason, if any, those little things can make an entire day brighter than ever.

.Rainbow sprinkles.
Sprinkles are mainly there for the happiness factor; you can’t really taste them, but they brighten up the whole ice-cream experience. We can relate these to life: simple acts of kindness that transform an entire perspective.

“A father tried to teach his seven-year-old daughter the meaning of sacrifice. He explained that the finest gift a person can give is some cherished possession, one that the person values very much. On his birthday the father found pinned to his coat a large sheet of paper on which his daughter had laboriously printed with red crayon: ‘You are my faverit Daddy and I luv you heeps. My present to you is what I likes best. It is in your poket.’ In his pocket he found a strawberry lollipop that he had given her a week before. It hadn’t been licked once.”

.Rainbow sprinkles.
Sometimes, the simplest of things brighten people’s day.

Sacrifice is one of the most important attributes I have learned since I’ve been here. Relating this word to rainbow sprinkles, sacrificing some of our ‘precious’ time to brighten someone’s day affects them as well as us.

Our Creator gives rainbow sprinkles all the time, but how much do we give Him? He feels our love. He longs to be loved. He desires more of us, because we are His creation. How often do we serve Him like we do others?

Sometimes, I feel like setting out a cookie for God. Although, I know He can’t eat it, but I make special cookies for people, so why not Him?!

I suppose I should treat my life as a rainbow sprinkle for God, allowing everything I am to be for Him and His pleasure. It isn’t simple, but starting out that way is a great step. Worship is a rainbow sprinkle for God.

Share some rainbow sprinkles today. How can you give the happiness factor?


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