Just drop it.

And just when I thought all I was going to be doing was helping out with K5..

This coming week from Tuesday through Thursday, I will be heading out to the tribe with Viviana. I’d be ridiculous to pass up this God-given opportunity! It will test my Spanish immensely, because Viviana speaks little English, and as we all know, my Spanish is horrible. The tribe speaks native tongue, so I’m going to be relying on God to communicate Himself through my actions and love.

I couldn’t hardly sleep last night because my brain wouldn’t shut off thinking about this adventure. I’m SO excited but INCREDIBLY scared. This will be one of the biggest surreal experiences of my life, I’m sure.

The tribe is about three hours past the airport, I believe, and we are half an hour (or so) from that..so three and a half hours with my Spanish-speaking amiga and then on to a language I’ve never heard.

..I’m going to a tribe…
..wow, God…

Each time I think about it I can’t help but smile SO big and laugh! I’m in AWE of what God has done for me here.

The end of July I was at BayShore family camp when I had been hit with the new perspective by the thoughts of Jake, a guitarist in the college band that came. He had mentioned in our young adults Bible study about a detail of Jesus calling some of the disciples.
Luke 5:5-7 & 11
“Simon answered, ‘Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.’ When they had done so, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break. So they signaled their partners in the other boat to come and help them, and they came and filled both boats so full that they began to sink…So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed Him.”

Jake said, after reading this passage, “Everything, they left everything for Him. Who is this Jesus? I want to know Him, because I still have all my stuff.”

I had never thought about that, before. I loved Jake’s thought. I figure that it’s fine to have your stuff, but don’t be attached to it so much that it’ll be hard to leave it if Jesus asks you to. I added, “I have wondered what it would be like to not only live for Christ, but to live OFF of Christ.”

I have realized that ever since that night, I have slowly begun to do that; live off Christ. Not to the point of waiting on Him for my next meal, and being unsure of everything, but with my heart and situations. Throughout my Panama trip I have had to just give my life up to Christ and let Him do with me what He wants. I have come to rely on Him, for He is my only assurance. It’s hard to explain, but my point is…if you honestly pray something and hope for something, God may use it to glorify Him.
Like the prayer in the song “Hosanna”–‘break my heart for what breaks Yours’–it could be a powerful prayer that would change your life.

I know a guy who did this, though-dropped everything he had.
He was on top of his construction business in North Carolina, at a young age (19?). He had the best business and was flourishing. Then, God called him. God told him to drop everything and be a missionary.
Landon did it, he gave up his business; his riches, and he went to Word of Life in Argentina and became a missionary in Guatemala.
If God ever calls everything of me, I hope I don’t second guess and look back.


When Randy mentioned to me last night, “You should go with Viviana next time she goes to the tribe” I freaked out inside…then gathered myself and let the idea float.
While I was washing dishes, Viviana came back to the house and Randy asked her when she was going to the tribe again and if I could go with her.
He called me into the dining room and I swished the thoughts around in my head.
Do I really want to go to a tribe? Do I really want to give up my English for three days? God, should I go?

My stomach began to churn a bit and I just spit out the sentence to Donna and Randy, “I’d be stupid to let this opportunity pass me by” then I felt relaxed and excited, with a wave of fear following close behind.

I went back to the dishes and thought deeper about it…yes, this is what God wants me to do now. I need to experience this. If I want to be a missionary, I need to find out what kind.
If I feel God calling me, I don’t want to keep my stuff. I want to give it all away for Him. My life is already saved, if I have to sacrifice my possessions, then so be it, if it’s for another’s life.

Pray for my safety and that I don’t stay in my bubble. I want to branch out and learn more Spanish. This is my big immersion test. But, also, I’ll have some opportunity to learn some tribal language. Can’t you just see it…
The native speaks, the translator says it in Spanish, and there I am, trying to figure it out in English…hahaha, oh man, this is gonna be psycho. Maybe, hopefully, prayerfully, Viviana will be able to translate at least a LITTLE in English.


One thought on “Just drop it.

  1. Sarah, I will most definitely be praying for you and I encourage you to never lose that desire to follow Christ without looking back. Far too few of us have that passion now and in our American world of wealth and comfort, it is easy to forget. I want to extend your prayer to myself and all our generation. May we, when called, follow without second thoughts, leaving even our bulging nets behind for the glory of our Master’s service.

    My prayers are with you, Sarah. You will be great. Remember that God will provide the strength to follow His will and if you faithful, He will be glorified!


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