Qualities for Thought

In the book that I last finished there were two lists that I thought were clever and needed to be shared. This book is called, The Art of True Beauty.  I recommend this book to every woman, despite your age.
These are the two lists:
A man who exhibits true honor and nobility:

  • Dead to self-interest, confident in battle
  • Courageous under fire
  • Trained for war
  • Restrained to the nature of God
  • An upholder of decorum
  • Harnessed of soul
  • Unwilling to violate conscience
  • A protector of the weak
  • Marked by purity and virtue
  • Unafraid of death
  • Unwilling to be subjugated or debased
  • The last to sleep and the first to rise
  • Untouched by men’s opinion
  • A professor of Christ
  • A possessor of great inner stability
  • Rightly prioritized
Now, obviously every man cannot be all of these all the time, but he can strive for as much as he can bear.
I find that chivalry has been almost dead for long enough. We need to start teaching our sons, brothers, cousins, friends, etc… the art of chivalry; opening the door (whether the car or a building), pulling out her chair, carrying her things, etc… Like, in ballroom dancing, the man is the frame and the woman is the picture. His job is to put her before himself, but just as well, the woman is to serve the man.
A woman of honor:
  • Dead to self-interest
  • Confident in Christ
  • Valiant
  • Rescuer of the weak
  • An upholder of decorum
  • Harnessed of soul
  • Unable to violate her conscience
  • Marked by purity and virtue
  • Unafraid of death
  • Slave to none but Christ
  • Untouched by the world’s opinion
  • Possesses great inner stability
Now, just the same, a woman cannot carry out all these attributes, but she can try to, just as we are to strive to be Christ-like. True femininity has been thrown out the door as well. Woman are treated as sex objects and proclaim themselves as that by the way they dress. Although, not ALL women are like this, or mean to be like this, but there comes a point where every woman has shown too much or been poison to a man’s mind.
I admit, I have had times where I have not dressed myself as well as I should have, being inconsiderate to the men in my life, but I had not meant to make their lives harder. Most of the time, I end up looking at pictures or in a mirror more closely and find that I should have just worn something different or worn it differently.
It’s hard for us women to know what is ‘safe’ to wear, because something that is fine for us, may not be to men. Men and women think differently and most of the time us women just want to show off as much as we can because we care about appearance more than much else, whereas the men can’t help themselves but let their eyes touch you, which puts them in battle. They either fight the sin away or just give up and don’t care.
Don’t be afraid to ask the close men in your life what would make it easier for them to not be tempted and women, that would help them concentrate on your heart; who you are, rather than outer beauty-which will slowly fade over time.
Men, keep the chivalry going! Woman love to feel like they are worth something, and when you treat them with respect and with chivalry, you allow them to feel the way they should; beautiful.
I pray that I start seeking out ways to respect the men in my life better…I would hate for the women around my future husband to tempt him, so why should I tempt other women’s future husbands? We are all God’s creations and we should treat each other as brothers and sisters, not as sex objects.
If you have anymore qualities or advice to add, please comment!


One thought on “Qualities for Thought

  1. Sarah, this was excellent! It is really hard to have a modest heart as women sometimes, but I think, if we remember WHY we want to be modest, that it isn’t just a stupid rule somebody made up, it will be easier. We need to remember that we are modest out of honor for our God and Christ like love for our brothers.

    And for the men, we women want to be cherished. I notice every time someone holds the door for me and I respect them more for those kind of actions. My prayer is that we be known as a generation of modest women and chivalrous men with hearts for each other’s purity and for God’s glory.


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