More changes…

I came back from four days of rest yesterday, that’s what has kept me from blogging. It was an amazing, relaxing experience that is definitely the best resort getaway I’ve ever had.
Randy, Donna, & Jordan needed this the most. Their hard work on the church was incredibly motivating and inspiring, but also exhausting and wearing on them.

Today, I found out that because of teacher situations, Susanna isn’t going to be teaching her second graders anymore. Today was her last day teaching them. I felt terrible, knowing I was gone for the last four days enjoying a resort, while she went through incredible emotional roller-coasters.  She is now teaching K5, starting this coming Monday.

The second grade class shared many tears with Susanna while I was gone. It touched my life to see the kids today, hugging her and telling her they loved her.

It was hard to see that they thought it was Susanna’s choice or she was being made to be away from them forever, rather than the truth; she was just down the next floor, teaching K5 because she was the best choice for a teacher.

I was told that the new second grade teacher is from Miami but one of her parents is Panamanian. Her name is Joanna. I’m excited to meet her and talk with her.

These kids have gone through a lot, with three different teachers. Sanna will still see them and disciple a few. I will still tutor some.

Sanna is a BIG reason for why these kids are how they are. Her teaching methods are incredible. They inspire me to work with kids in the same mode. I pray that the kids don’t forget what she taught them.

I am curious to see how differently they respond to Joanna.

I have only been working with these kids for a month and a half and I feel attached to them, so I can’t begin to imagine how Sanna, with eight month experience, feels losing that class.
She is strong and encouraging, she is fun yet lays down the law, she teaches respect and life skills, as well as explains school work, she helps and works problems out, she is one of a kind, and I am glad God placed me with her.

Sometimes, I wish the kids loved me as they do her. But, I think and reflect and realize that there is no reason for them to love me like that, they don’t know me as well and I am not their teacher.

The way they love her touches me and makes me miss that connection that I had back home. Only one more month to go though. I must make sure I am ready to go and prepared to feel the pain of losing everybody for a year.

I will come back, no matter what it takes, but it hurts to know that I will miss out on so much of their lives.
Keep on praying, I appreciate every bit of it!


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