Theological Stomp

Recently, I had a wonderful theological discussion with two teachers, one which I don’t know well, and the other which is very close to me; Jose and Sanna. The conversation began when the name “Obama” came up between two other teachers. Politics came up and I shared my opinion on how I believe, because the Bible states it (Romans 13:1), that there is a reason for Obama being our president, no matter if it’s God punishing us or not. Then, Jose asked me about a book that I was reading, and then we began discussing religion; how I’m Southern Baptist. We got into the topic of God knowing everything we do, before we do, or not. It was great to talk to two wonderful Christians, who weren’t afraid to share their opinion, but with a soft heart; willing to hear the other’s side and being open to change.

I presented that I was in between opinions and we all gave Biblical foundation, and at the end of the conversation all agreed that:

1. It’s great to get together with other Christians and discuss theology to grow in our walk with Christ-even if we don’t come to a conclusion that we all agree on.

2. Biblical foundation is extremely important and the only relevant evidence.

Good discussion-woke me up and kept my day running and talking with God!


Sunday, I went to a STOMP concert with Sanna, Joel, Josh, and Nair. WOW, I was so pumped before the concert, and then WOWZERS was I crazy afterwards; dancing crazy and using my fingers as drumsticks.
Sanna: ‘Stop dancing, Sarah, you’re gonna get us in trouble’
Me: ‘I’m sorry, but that concert just got me pumped! I love stuff like that!’
Josh: ‘You’re gonna get us in trouble with the cops.’
Joel: ‘Sarah..stop.’
Sanna: ‘Sarah, do you have your passport on you?’

Me: After I stopped dancing, ‘No..why?’
Sanna: “If you get stopped by the police and you don’t have your passport, then we’ll all get in trouble…not to mention they might thing you’re smoking something.”

Ahh they love me, we all had a blast-including eating McD’s afterwards…

The concert was ABSOLUTELY amazing though, we got the pleasure of watching their last Panama performance, this trip at least.

I will try to upload the video of one of the best scenes, to my facebook..but no promises.

Well, another few days gone by and more progress on the church has come! Three days left…it’s going by so fast!

Prayer requests:
Donna && Randy; for strength of body, mind, and soul as they complete the remodeling of the church and the resting time afterwards, when they will share time with a few old friends (including their pastor and his wife, from the states).
All the workers; for endurance and dedication.
The congregation; to reach out to those who are around them, to come see the new church, this coming Sunday-for the first service in the new sanctuary.
The rest of us who need prayers about bodily strength and rest.

Thanks so much for all your prayers-they are truly answered by our Master-I have been a witness to them.

God bless


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