Inspiring Lifestyle

While riding in the car with three friends, the question was asked “Name one person who has affected your life for the good”

Now, I excluded family and Jesus.
One person who has motivated my Christian walk to be deeper and closer to Jesus, is an amazing young woman.

I am not extremely close with her, but no matter what, she doesn’t give up on friends. She is always there to talk and give advice, she’s the kind of friend that you could call at three in the morning.
Just through the way she lives her life affects me; she acknowledges her weaknesses and faults, trying to change them. She follows her Saviour closely and although she is not perfect, she strives for it.

She is an encourager, hugger, prayer warrior, role model, athletic, gorgeous, servant of Christ.

I have had conversations with her that have changed my life and my reactions.

Krista Back, is her name and she is one of the many people who have changed my life by simply being who she is and living her life for Christ.

Thank you SO much for your friendship, Krista, I hope you realize how much I appreciate you and how much your love your Hosanna has changed my life. Keep on being you and growing in your Christ-like character!


So tell me, who’s your ‘Krista’?
Be sure to tell them how much you mean to them, and how much you appreciate their love…maybe you’ll change their life…


Rooms are being primed and the sanctuary is getting cleaned out, ready for the final steps! (however many that may be)


I can already see a big change in me, since I’ve been down here.

I think differently sometimes, I respond differently sometimes, and change has come to the way I love Christ back.

I cannot wait to see what God does next!!!

One thought on “Inspiring Lifestyle

  1. Aww, Sarah!

    Your words are so sweet and humbling! I had no idea I have had such an impact in your life!… This serves as such a great reminder to me to be passionate and purposeful in how I interact with people. It is so funny to me to see the various traits you point out in me… and think “but she’s exactly the same!!…” haha You my dear are wonderful and lovely, so incredibly beautiful in every single way possible! You also have no idea how much you encourage and inspire those around you 🙂 I love you my sweet Sarah Joy 🙂


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