So, I have no idea how often I will be able to update you all. Because: I have a schedule now!

Get up around 6:30
tutor and help teach at the school until 3:30
(possibly take a short nap)
power walk to the church
work at the church until (at least) 10
go back to the house,  take a shower, go to bed.


I’m extremely excited, although horribly tired, with the life that I am experiencing right now. I feel like I am needed and being helpful here; speeding up the process and assisting those who need it.

The church is coming along wonderfully! Although many may be discouraged with the great amount of work to still be done, we’ve come along ways-even since I’ve been here!
Ceiling tiles are being put up, the sound booth is finished, walls are being sanded and primed, there are doors that are being chipped, etc…

so much is going on, and it amazes me the amount of work that gets done when the people of God trust in Him and sacrifice their time for their magnificent Creator.

The people that have helped out with the remodeling of I.B.A. (the church) always amaze me.


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