Why do I lose sight?

Lord, why do I lose sight of You? Why do I not trust You all the time? Why can’t I stay on my spiritual high? Where does the drop come from?
I know the wonderful feelings and how great You are, Lord, so why can’t I just bask in Your presence all the time?

I just got done with one of those “God-moments” where my entire life got refreshed with the love of Christ.

Music set the tone, with Sanna and I having our hearts open and ready to tell and listen.

I learn so much in silence though…I never experienced this sort of healing and renewing of my spirit through this method-but it effects me just the same as a week at camp.

Starting fresh with Christ and asking Him to show me what is wrong in my life, what I need to change, and how I can improve my walk with Him, that’s what needs to be my everyday melody.

How can I keep God fervently in my life each day, and not only on the weekends or in church?

I  once blogged about being “Busy Busy Busy” (click on it and it’ll direct you to the post) and how we have diminished the command to ‘be still’.

I think that this is the turning point in my relationship with Christ. I need to set aside more time to focus on God and not on work, or my busy day. Five minutes is FAR less than what should be. Although, it is a great starting point, but after two weeks and you’re in the habit of reading-start going longer with your relationship with Christ and write to Him or talk/pray.

Those spiritual high moments help me realize what a valley I was in before. I really need to start pushing myself up the mountain and keep going and going and use the momentum to get up the next one, as I go and focus more on God, it will get easier as I get stronger.

I believe that God can change me and make me this person that I need to be.

..Baptize my heart, O Lord

..Lead me to the cross, Jesus

..When the music fades, let me keep living

..King of endless worth, be praised

..Rid me of myself

..I’ll stand with arms high and heart abandoned

Help us

love You

better and

not lose



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