Reflections and Updates

A bunch has happened since my last post; I’m falling behind in blogland! As previously stated, my parents came to visit for three full days (Sep. 2-6) It was wonderful having them see what I’m experiencing-giving them a chance to connect our worlds.
While they were here, we visited spots of Panama where I hadn’t been yet, such as Gorgona and another part of the city near the President’s house. We went to two new restaurants where we had fun talks and great food. We went to Alberto’s one night (where I went before, and had great pizza) and I ordered the best dish I’ve ever tasted-I only remember the first two words of what I ordered: Tortellini Carbonara. It was soooo yummy, with all the cheese tortellini, meat, and sauce baked under a CRUST OF CHEESE..ohh man, it was amazing!

Latest update on the children: today they had their spelling test, and the eight that I am tutoring upped their test scores by 30%!!! How great our God is! I feel very useful and needed here, because of today. I’m so happy that God has chosen to use me in this way!

Isn’t it funny how God works, though!? If you submit yourself and give God your life, most likely He will use the things you hate the most, or your fears, in order to glorify and serve Him. I hated school, absolutely wanted nothing to do with it if I ever got the chance, then I come to Panama to work for the Lord in any way I can, and look how God used me..through a school. Three more examples: My dad-said he would never be a pastor…he’s one now. My mom, said she’d never be a pastors wife…she’s one now. My cousin, said she’d never marry this specific man…she did and God blessed them with three sons.

NEVER say NEVER to God…He’ll test your obedience, BIG time.

One thing that has hit me recently, how can people not believe that there is a God? There is SO much beauty all around us! From the littlest miracles, such as; proteins and antibodies, to the scenery of a sunset over the ocean, to the smile and laugh of a little child, to the vast universe…it’s ALL so gorgeous and unbelievers see and hear God’s creations EVERY DAY, and yet don’t believe.

We take so much for granted in our lives. I know I take WAY TOO MUCH for granted.

I have an all Christian family, on both sides.
I have an abundance of friends and family who love me.
I have my ears to hear, eyes to see, legs to walk, hands to play guitar, nose to smell, etc…
I have a God who sent me to another country.
A home
A brother

Things I take for granted at home, that I don’t have here in Panama:
Campfires, big grassy spots, fantastic beef, lots of chillin’ time, the quietness of my hometown, the starry sky, being able to mail letters and know that they’ll get to the person, completely English sermons, a back yard, my own bed…I could go on.

Too often do we come to realize what we had, after we lost it; when it’s too late.

Thank God that I realized it, before I was past that point.

Now, the thing is-when we come to a realization and gain knowledge we shouldn’t just leave it at that, we should use that motivation and do something with it.

I choose to be more thankful and not complain so much about missing home. I take a lot for granted here, just as well as back in the States, so I will try to turn my face more towards Christ and try to stop myself when I start complaining about something-cause I am so blessed, with so much more than I deserve.


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