Versiculo y Servicio

  • Romanos 3:23–Por cuanto todos pecaron y estan separado de la gloria de Dios.
  • Juan 14:6–Jesus le dijo: Yo soy el camino, la verdad, y la vida; nadie viene al padre sino es por mi.
  • Salmos 37:4–Delietate asimismo en Jehova, y el te considera las peticiones de tu corazon.
  • Juan 3:16–Porque de tal manera amo Dios al mundo, que ha dado a su Hijo unigenito, para que todo aquel que en el cree, mas tenga vida eterna.
  • Juan 15:12-14–Esta es mi mandamiento: Que os ameis los unos a los otros, como yo os he amado. Nadie tiene mayor amor que este, que uno ponga su vida por sus amigos.  Vosotros sois mis amigos, si haceise lo que you os mando.

Those are the verses that I have memorized (well, sometimes I have to look, cause my mind doesn’t remember the meanings of what I’m saying so I don’t remember the next word)

I’ve got the challenge of knowing all of the color verses for sharing the salvation message to kids. I need to know them all in two weeks, says Landon.

I already know a few of the that’s a relief!

I want to take this blog post and tell a little about some of the people I’ve come to know here, in Panama. (not everybody I know will be listed, either because I don’t know them well, or I don’t have time to go over everybody)

Randy: He’s the head of the house and is the pastor at the church. He is a friendly man with a big heart for the Lord, he is always serving EVERYDAY at the church.

Donna: She’s the woman of the house. She takes care of everybody, whether it’s taking them to the doctor or sitting, listening through tears. She has a big heart for service as well.

Jordan: Middle child of the three boys. He works hard, so that his parents don’t have to hire people to work on the church. He has dedication and perseverance through all the manual, hard labor.
Update on him: he has had a puppy for a week, her name is Bella.

Jesse: He is the youngest of the sons and is fifteen. He is fun, athletic, and is in the stage where he needs a lot of guidance and love. He reminds me of myself when I was his age; we’ve talked and I came to know that I have gone through the same stuff he has. I pray he leans on Christ in this stage of life.

Susanna: She gives her life to the children that she teaches. She runs her classroom amazingly and has great love for those around her. I have come to know her and have come to love her greatly.

Landon: He pours out his heart to God on a daily basis. He never ceases to amaze me in the way he carries his love for God wherever He goes. He is a big-time servant of Christ and is one of the most spiritual 24 year olds, that I have ever known. A dedicated friend and teacher of life-skills.

Paco: He speaks equal parts Spanish and English and is a great help to those around him. He’s friendly and gives his time to the youth as a disciple to them. He is a guy that is easy to trust and confide in.

Bob, Lyla and Rey: They came down here to work at the church and help further the construction. Bob and Lyla are married and from Minnesota, Rey is from California. They give so much of their lives, Rey and Bob are working on the electrical work and have helped out immensely!

Henry: He lives two hours away and works throughout the week at the church, where needed. He knows enough English to get by, but we still have fun trying to communicate. He works quietly and very dedicated. I have never heard him complain about anything. He has a great heart.

Nair: She is a teacher at the school, and close friend of Susanna. Nair gives her love through hugs and service. She is very fun and always willing to help. She teaches her classroom very well, and before the day is done, she gives them a big group hug. She is sweet and loving.

I have met many other people here who have impacted my life, but I just can’t go on and on forever. Maybe another post.

Prayer Requests:

I need prayer for my ear. I have a horrible ear infection from my surfing days at the ocean. Last night I went through the most grueling constant pain of my entire life, so please pray that I sleep and fight this infection fast. I can’t do much good being stuck here at the house. If I went to the church or the school I would be saying “What!?!!” to everything. My hearing is terrible, I feel so old. :/

But, with your prayers and God’s intervention, I will get over this. I just have to keep good use of my time here, such as praying and memorizing verses.

(P.S. My parents are coming tonight!!!)


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