Un Poquito

These past few days have been filled with JM (young adults Bible study) on Saturday night, Church on Sunday morning, the start of Sanna and I swimming laps everyday at Nair’s, and more.

Sunday night after Sanna and I swam laps, and then pulled Nair in while she was still in her clothes, I had the experience of more Argentine food *in a previous post I had eaten Argentine rice and Milanesa* .Nair is from Argentine, originally, and she made us an absolutely, wonderfully, yummy dish that is very similar to Italian food. Dough balls (made from potato mash, flour, and milk) with sour cream and tomato sauce. Had I not been full after my first plate, I could have eaten the entire pan.

Today, I had my first experience at tutoring! Sanna has eight students that need help with their English and she has assigned me to tutor them! It was kind of an ‘out of the blue’ thing today, but I rolled right into it and I was proud of myself. Today I tutored five kids, Michael, David, Erick, Fernando, and Johnny. I had them for about a half an hour (first two kids, then second two, then one) in three sessions. They struggle with the special sounds and the vowels (i.e. PH TH SH CH etc..)
It was pretty funny when I first started telling my beginning two kids what the sounds of the vowels were, I said the Spanish vowel sounds..(slaps forehead) silly me!!! AH EH EE OH OO instead of AH Eh IH Oh UH.
Tomorrow I think I might focus on doing the short and long vowel sounds, but we shall see.

They had a spelling test today, and it’s quite sad sometimes, to see the students work. The eight that I will be tutoring have issues of knowing the sounds of the letters and paying attention to what word Sanna is saying.
A few boys just make up their own words and write them down..it’s hard to see that. Knowing how much easier it will get for them, I hate to see them struggle and be held back because of their lack of individual attention. Hopefully, I will make a difference and by the end of the semester there will be a definite improvement.

I met a girl today who came from Florida to come attend the school, she lives with her grandma and speaks perfect English and does great at translating. At lunch, one of Sanna’s students wanted to know how old I was, but I didn’t know what she was saying, so little miss Florida (I feel so bad, I forgot her name!) intervened and translated. I was impressed.

Sunday morning, in church, I had the opportunity to attempt understanding the message without a translator. I did fairly well, I suppose. With the help of Bible reference I understood, but I can undoubtedly see how it will slow the pace of my walk with God if I purely relied on their church services and Bible studies to learn.

Today, after school, I made the best cookie dough I’ve ever tasted! The cookies were alright, but only half as great as the raw dough. I made about 6 dozen, because two nights ago when I made good ol’ chocolate chip cookies, they were gone so fast Sanna and I only got two.
The ingredients I put in the amazing dough ones:
Chocolate Chips, Chunky Peanut Butter, Oatmeal, Macadamia Nuts, Almonds, and the normal ingredients.

Oh man…the kitchen smelled so amazing, and WHOA did Sanna and I eat dough. She told me she has never liked cookie dough before, until this. She said “Why bake it? Let’s freeze it and turn it into granola bars!” haha, it wasn’t such a bad idea, but the raw eggs wouldn’t turn out so great. Maybe we’ll have to try that sometime.

My parents are coming to Panama on the second of September!!! They are only staying till the sixth, but I’m excited to once again see them. I am really glad that they will be able to see Randy again, and finally meet Donna for the first time (crazy that I met her first!). Explaining Panama is nothing compared to what it’s like here, so it will be nice for them to experience and see for themselves what I’ve been surrounded by.

Tomorrow is another day and Sanna and I have the goal of memorizing Juan tres versiculo dieciséis//John 3:16

SO far I have:
Porque de tal manera amo Dios al mundo.

For God so loved the world

Tomorrow I will get the second part down!

Thursday is our goal.

When I memorize this verse, I will know 6 verses in Spanish (almost 7, but I struggle with one)


Goodnight for now. Morning comes earlier than I’m used to and bed later than I’d need.


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