His listening ear

Psalm 5

1 Give ear to my words, O LORD,
consider my sighing.

2 Listen to my cry for help,
my King and my God,
for to you I pray.

3 In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice;
in the morning I lay my requests before you
and wait in expectation.

How crazy can the difference in my days be?

Yesterday was my worst day here-I think partially because I had enough time to stop and think and process all that had happened.

Thanks to ALL the prayers that have been sent for me, today I talked in Spanish to Henry. We had fun this morning looking up Bible verses and teaching each other words in English and Spanish. Learning more about him helped me learn more Spanish. I felt super accomplished today!

I asked him what his favorite Bible verse was, favorite book of the Bible, when he accepted Christ, and others. It was great! He was so patient and helpful, and when all else failed, I quickly looked up a few words on Google Translate. 😉 haha.

So, as we started our day off with the Holy Bible we suddenly had a closer friendship!

A little while later, when I was working on a specific room, he came up to me and gave me his iPod ear phone to listen to, so I put it in, and it was Hillsong, the song “At the Cross”.

I almost started crying.

It spoke to me, and I just felt God’s presence. I felt His awesome power, and realized His greatness and how He cares for even me; a little child.

Then Henry said, “Sing” (he had heard me sing and play guitar two nights before)
I laughed and shook my head, “I don’t know the words” (I tried to tell him in Spanish)
“Ah..okay” he replied.
So I took his iPod and scrolled down to “Lead me to the Cross”
As it started, I began singing with it.
I felt so much lifting away from me; my heart was lightened with the load I had carried.
Henry started singing a little bit, here and there. It was so awesome.
After that song, we both carried on with our work duties.

A half hour or so later, he came up to me and asked if I knew the song he started singing, I listened for a while, and responded with my voice carrying along with his…but he was singing Spanish, and I English. It was amazing. I love when two languages can be sung together. The song we were singing, was “Nothing but the Blood of Jesus”

My day continued and I felt much better than yesterday.

I have come to realize that music has been a big uplifting help to me.

I also began thinking, how often is it that we are ignorant of when God calls us to do something?
Henry didn’t have to show me those songs or ask me to sing, but he did. And I believe that God used him to help me.
I wouldn’t know how to thank Henry, but I hope to write him a note (just like I did for Landon) the last time I see him, and I will write this one in Spanish.

I believe that I can make it through these next two months now.

If I ever get to that point again, I will turn on my Jesus Music and cry out to Him, for He does hear my cry, He does hear mine and your prayers.

How amazing mi dulce Salvador is!
How silly it is for me to doubt Him, I turned my eyes from Him and sought out my own troubles rather than following His path.

I am getting much closer to Sanna (I accidentally spelled her name wrong before!) and she has shown me that I can be open with her, and that it is okay to come to her when I need it.
The night that Landon left, I, of course, was saddened, because I was closest with him, and he taught me a lot. Surprisingly, Sanna saw right through my hopeful shielded emotions. I had hoped to hide how sad I was that night, and yesterday it just opened up immensely (as seen in my previous post). But, I apparently didn’t hide it well enough, she saw my heart, and that I was incredibly sad when Landon left. I hope she realizes how sad I will be to leave her, too.
I am actually excited to see how close I get with her, and how much I learn about her in these next two months.

God has changed me in one night. And maybe it was because I was so tired and sick. I needed sleep to stabilize me again..and your prayers.

Simple as this: God ROCKS! 😀

Thanks for all the prayers, again! I appreciate them IMMENSELY!


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