Staccato Updates

Me & Willy

After Young Adults Bible Study

Micahas, Raphael, & Jesus

It’s been so busy here, I just can’t believe how time has flown. In two days I will have been in Panama for two weeks-wow. In two days I will also go surfing again! WHOOT! I will get better at it, I hope!

The first picture is of me and Willy; he is a fun guy who plays guitar at worship every morning at the school and for different events throughout the week. One of those events is the Saturday night young adults Bible study. It was SUPER fun to be able to get together and learn more about those who are (somewhat) closer to my age.  Last Saturday night was the first time I had picked up a guitar in weeks! It felt SO good to play again. Everybody down here has nylon guitars-no steel! (or at least I haven’t seen one) It’s crazy! Sana, Nair, and I are in the process of writing a song, it’s a bilingual trio. So if one of us is’s just not right.

Since I’ve been here I’ve already eaten out a handful of times for the experience of eating the cuisine here, I have gone to a movie, and shopped. There is still some familiarity here! Shopping was great fun, because EVERYTHING is SO much cheaper here, than in the states. I bought a zip up sweatshirt for four dollars!

I went to the school this past Monday for the first time, and I am already in love with the children in Susanna’s class! There are three boys that I particularly feel protective and much love towards-it’s amazing what emotions God created in us to project and feel.

This is Nair (Nigh-Ear) and Susanna (AKA Sah-nah [Sana]), these two girls have become my closest girl friends down here. Sana is from Minnesota!

Nair is from Argentina originally, but she is now a teacher at the school. She teaches K5.

They are such fun wonderful women to be around. I am extremely thankful to know them both. 🙂

Nair is very good at speaking English too!

I have been so drained this past week. My mind and body are just being used to the max and I haven’t gotten enough sleep. Today I came back from the church early so that my body rest. I might end up going to bed soon and getting 12 hours of sleep..but somehow I highly doubt that will happen.

I am astounded by people who can go on missions trips for only a week. It’s already been two weeks for me and it’s gone by in a snap! I’m glad that I’ll be here for three months, it will teach me a lot and see if my heart is truly in love with international missions.

My sunburn has gone down to a much needed tan. My face peeled though..lame.

Jordan got the worst of it though; his arms, back, and face are just peeling like CRAZY!!!

I have a new friend named Henry, he’s a pastor’s son from two hours away who is staying with us to help with the church. He speaks enough English so we can communicate and he is extremely nice. We are teaching each other our natural languages constantly! I am getting a little better at pronouncing and speaking Spanish. My lips just have to re-adjust themselves to fit the language.

I made breakfast for supper two nights ago-with Sana and Landon. We made pancakes, scrambled eggs, gravy, hash browns, sausage, and bacon. We still have left overs too! I plan on making a dessert from the left over pancakes; maybe a layered ice cream, pancake, something-or-other. haha!

The 26th of this month, Jordan is getting a new puppy-a basset hound. She is SO adorable from the pictures he showed me. He is unsure of what he will name her, but I have a feeling that after he meets here (which is as I’m typing this) he’ll come up with one.

I am very thankful to all you reading this and who are praying for me and who sent me here. Remember that you are a part of my mission because of your gifts. I wouldn’t be here without your obedience to our Lord.

~With much Panamanian love~


One thought on “Staccato Updates

  1. Sarah,

    it has been so nice seeing all these wonderful pictures of your trip and hearing all the amazing stories you have so far! I can’t wait to hear them again in person with you!!! 😀 You are such a wonderful young woman and i’m so blessed to be your friend!!

    Keep standing for Him!!


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